Jun. 7th, 2007

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Svea (Suh-vay-uh)

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The lady wife is about to push out a kid and I need a name. I’ve been thinking of some.

Alf - It would be named after my dad, whose name is Alfonso. Besides all the Alien Life Form jokes, I think it’s a good name.

Proffit - I think it’s the name of troll in a book I read. But for this name to work, you have to disassociate it with words it sounds like. Like profit or prophet, because the first sounds exploitative and the second sounds presumptuous.

A really simple tough guy name like Guy or Mac or Boy. My uncle had a dog named Boy. It was a good dog.

Ghavis - I came up with this one by mashing my forearm on the keyboard and adding some choice vowels.

And in case there is some horrendous error and it’s actually a girl, I also really like the name Denver for a girl. Huge Broncos fan over here. Denver or Elway. Or maybe even Shana Hannah.

Any thoughts?
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yesterday I found the name GENEA (for a girl) and I really like it

never heard it before

and I cant find anything about this name...

any help ?

what do you think about this name ?

Whee, Names

Jun. 7th, 2007 12:19 pm
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Hi, y'all.

I've been watching this community for some time now after being pointed this way by a friend, and finally decided that I'd just finally create an LJ of my own and post my own thoughts. While I'm not anywhere near baby-making myself, I've an obsession with names and so this community is absolutely fascinating to me.

My own name is very unusual: Jae Katherine E___. My middle name Katherine is inspired by my grandmother's name (Kathleen) and my mother's (Kathy). But my first name has a better story to it. Most of you probably see it as a feminism of Jay. But my parents arrived at it by taking the initials of my brother's name, Jeffrey Alan E___. He died two years before I was born, when he was nearly twelve, after a lifetime illness, and so my name became a way to remember him. Had I been a boy, my name would have been Jae Timothy, Timothy being what my brother had named his imaginary friend. In this case, while I adore my name and its unique spelling and story, I'm glad I was a girl--I think Jae definitely looks more feminine, though I'm maybe biased. ;) The one drawback to my name is that it is hard for people to spell: I get Jay, J, Jaye, even Jai, on a regular basis. People always expect me to be a boy when they just here the name. The worst, though, is that when people write or type it, and someone else reads it later--they tend to read it as Joe! I've ended up with that written on birthday cakes, and had lots of my teachers call me that when they see the roll. But it's something that I have grown up with my whole life, so I just correct them and go on--no big deal anymore.

On to my long list of names. )
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i have two seperate lists for/of girls names.  One Biblical. One mostly heritage.


what i need help on is this:

what most people who came across this name by audio or visual encounter would think.
what names go well together? i want my children to have one name be Biblical. but when it comes to girls, i draw a blank on how to combine names the go well together from the two lists i have.

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Out of these names for a girl, which do you like?

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I heard a couple of interesting names today: Azmyth and Jupiter (from CBS's Pirate Master). Thoughts?
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So my parents gave neither my sister nor I middle names, and we've considered adopting them. If we did, we would take family names...we've basically found two that we really like, and would consider using. We just don't know who gets what name, assuming we ever take the initiative to change them legally.

My name: Alessandra
Her name: Juliana

Our last name starts with A.

The middle names we have both considered are Samira, after my grandfather Samir (he also has a sister named Samira, I believe), and Amalia, my mother's middle name and our great-grandmother's name.

Which pairings do you like?
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Random names and/or spellings that I came across while doing paperwork at my job this week:

Autumn [my boss spells her daughter's name Autum - no N]
Rayme Kathleen
Polyvia Ponsart
Kelley Renay
Lara Ann
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