May. 29th, 2007

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What do you think about this: my sister knows a couple that got married and changed their last name to McCloud*, after a character in their favorite movie (or something). I thought it was interesting!

*EDIT: It is MacLeod, from Highlander! I asked my sister today. Sorry about the misspelling, I've never seen the movie :P
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Do you like your SO's name?

My boy is called Craig, and I absolutely detest the name.
I can't explain why I hate some names and i've always had a problem with this one (along with Nathan, Richard and Peter). I swear i'm so odd about this sometimes!
Sometimes I don't like saying his name out loud.. infact before we got together he was known as Aussie2 (on account of my ex also being Australian).. Obviously he didn't take to that nickname too well....

Must add that whilst i hate his name, I absolutely love him. It doesn't make a dent in that issue, obviously :-)
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Am writing a story. Need a strong, plain, simple and above all short boy's name. Something akin to James, only not so... James-y, if you know what I mean. Help?
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I thought it would be interesting to see what the top baby names were where I live (New Zealand). 

It's important to remember that New Zealand has a population of only 4 million and is a very multi-cultural country. Below are our top 30 baby names for 2006. 

How do they compare to the most popular names in other countries?

1. Charlotte
2. Ella
3. Sophie
4. Emma
5. Olivia
6. Emily
7. Grace
8. Jessica
9. Hannah
10. Lily


1. Jack
2. Joshua
3. Daniel
4. William
5. Samuel
6. Jacob
7. Thomas
8. Benjamin
9. Ryan
10. Liam

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I think names that families give their children are fascinating.
So here's the names in my family. My immediate family is of English-Irish-Polish hertiage. My extended family is a mixture of English, Irish, Thai and Chinese.

What do you think?

Mum ~ Halina Yvette
Dad ~ John Paul (named after my great-grandfather, John Paul)
Me ~ Martyna Rozalia (Row-zah-lee-ah ~ was my great-grandma's name)
Brother ~ Zachary John

Mum's mum ~ Doreen Patricia
Mum's dad ~ Tadeusz Stefan

Dad's dad ~ Cyril Patrick Berrill
Dad's mum ~ Lovest Dore

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Grainne, after Irish pirate queen/rebel Grainne Mhaol.

Pronounced GRAHN-yah.

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So I was sitting around at my desk bored and reading baby_names posts and I started saying random names of things, or random words on things, around me as if they were a name for a kid just to see what it sounded like. These are the ones I found interesting but didnt necessarily like:

Your decision on whether for a boy or girl :P

Maybeline/Maybelline  (PR the same as the make up)
Sponse (PR like the Spons part of Sponsor, so it kinda sounds like ponce, from Poncelet)
Braclet (Like Bracelet)

Some of these I'm sure actually are already some kids name. Cause people can be weird. lol but I'm just listing from what I see around me.

And for all you people who hate "unique" names or spellings, no I'm not saying its a good idea to use names like this I just thought it was interesting.
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I work with a woman in her young twenties named "Jessica". She doesn't think it's cool, so she is legally changing her name to "Jessikah". *puke*

Now I have seen "Emersyn" (Emerson) and "Amyah" (Amaya).
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This is name related...

I have a kitty who might need a name change. The name is currently Midas, but Midas may be a girl. I've narrowed the names down to three.


I love all three, the boyfriend likes Fifi, and our friend likes Olive. Also, Midas has a black brother named Dutch. We're sure Dutch is a boy.

the kitteh. )
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Hi, I'm new here, and I love reading and learning about names. My mom works as a maternity nurse and she also gets birth cards from the families she helps out with the births of these babies. She comes across babies with the strangest names. Here are some:



what's in a name... MORE NAMES HERE (35 uncommon names) )
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How do you feel about the name Zelda? Is it too video-gamey? :P
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