May. 25th, 2007

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I've been stuck on the name Juliet lately, but I can't seem to come up with any middle names that really flow with it. Juliet Ann maybe? Any suggestions?
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My boyfriend is being agonizingly serious about naming his first-born son Avalanche. It seems silly now, and it makes me laugh, but at the same time I'm worried about any future son we may have together. Any calls to attention that this is a ridiculously stupid name causes him to reply:

1) that while it will get him beaten up on the playground and teased in school, he'll grow up tough
2) it's such a cool name
3) that if it gets to the point that we're married and I give birth to his son, and I'm lying there, exhausted and "pretty" and they come in and bring in this little baby boy and he looks at that baby and says, "Avalanche," then he must be pretty serious about it.

So far I've gotten him to agree to Avalanche Joseph so I can call him AJ.

These are the names I'd prefer:

Joseph (a family name)
Samuel (after the prophet)
Berwick (again, a family name, we would call him Berck for short)

I talked this over with my Mom, and she suggested either breaking up with him, putting my foot down about it, or naming him one of my chosen names and letting Avalanche be his father's pet name for his son.

What do you guys girls think?
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But what do you think of the name Nevaeh? Love it? Hate it?

It is in the top 50 girls names for 2006, so I'm sure a lot of people must like it, but in my opinion, it's just a cheezy novelty name. I'd like to hear your perspectives.
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A good friend of mine had a baby a week ago, she named her Olivia Suzanne. I came out with 'Oh I love it, but you do know Olivia the most popular girl's name this year right?'

She says she didn't know, and she now feels like I've ruined the name for her a little bit..
:-( Wow I really should have kept that to myself.. i just couldn't help it. The name geek in me took over and it just flew out! But surely if you're putting a lot of thought into naming your child and you care about popularity.. the first thing you do is check it out on the charts?

Do you think She has the right to be mad with me?
Have you made any name bloopers before on account of you knowing & caring far too much about the subject?

A relative has given birth recently too.
She already has Ruby & Scarlett, now there's baby Poppy. All shades of Red.. WDYT?
If you had to use matchy names for a sibset, what would they be?

I'd go for something easy to get away with like Shakespearean names. Viola & Sebastian or something.
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Which do you think is a better middle name for Jessica?

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Amber
Jessica Ann
Jessica Elizabeth

Or Jessica.. something else?
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I've found a few names for my future niece, need some comments on how all of you think of them.


May. 25th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Easton found the baby love of his life at McDonalds today.

Her name was Essa.  

I had to listen several times to make sure it wasn't Tessa.  Nope, just Essa.
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