May. 17th, 2007


May. 17th, 2007 01:20 am
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So.. some of my favorites :)

1.Tessa (Tess)
4.Danika or Danica i like both
5.Natalie or Natalia
7.Nicolette or Nicola

1.Jace (all time fave now)
3.David (bfs name)
Last two arent my faves but I wanted some list here lol

So the first 4 of each list are my favorites really
I'm not sure what middle names I want though.
But yeah really had fun making my favorite lists :D


May. 17th, 2007 04:13 am
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How do you feel about the name Moira?
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Mason Eric Hazzard

yes? no?

his brother's names are Jack and Tom.
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How do you pronounce Senay? And on a similar note, how do you pronounce Sinead?

Thank you!

My names

May. 17th, 2007 04:12 pm
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I posted a while ago, but I've updated the list and such things!

I'm also interested in the meanings - if I've got these wrong please correct me!

My name - Kate - 'pure'
BF's name - Gary - 'spear rule'

Imogen Daire - 'innocent maiden', 'fruitful'
Alex Elizabeth - 'defender of men', 'God is my oath'
Sara - 'princess'

I really want Imogen Elizabeth, but I though it was a bit of a mouthful...

Dylan - 'Born from the Ocean'
Finn - 'fair'
Kester - 'Bearer of Christ'
James - 'Supplanter'
Tristan - 'Tumult'
Julian - 'Downy youth'
Jack - 'God is gracious'
Caspian - From the Chronicles of Narnia.

Not decided middle names yet! I love all of them as first names too much!

Ok, is Caspian going too far? Most of my names are 'normal', but I just love this name!
Also, James is my half brothers name, but I've never been very close to him and we only saw each other a few times a year, and even less now! It's one of my favourite names, but is it too close for me to use?

Comments? Thoughts?


May. 17th, 2007 04:15 pm
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Hi =)
I thought I'd share my favorite names for both genders (: I've stolen a few from lists in this community, so if you see something familiar...eek!

Noah, Tyson, Jonas, Forrest, Milo, Kale, Ron, Wesley, Liam, Jude, Ray, Owen, Hugh, Vincent

(I discovered Noah from the movie "The Notebook". Tyson, Jonas and Forrest are all names of lead singers in some of my favorite bands. I really do love the names, though (: Hugh is a reference to Hugh Laurie, and I know of a Liam.)

Larissa, Anne, Maggie, Margot, Rory, Jane, Norah, Noya,

(I have a friend named Larissa. Rory was found after watching "Girlmore Girls". Norah was found after discovering "Nora Jones".)
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How do you guys compromise with your husbands/signifcant others on the naming of your children?
I have an uncommon name and I always lean towards those types of names.  Well my husband likes "plain" names
we are pregnant with our first child and its a boy....
he desperately wants Scott, so i said okay, though i would have NEVER chosen it myself but I thought I would be nice.
We agreed on a fun, funky middle name--- Seger (yes after Bob Seger)
So it will be Scott Seger K----z
:) fun
And the girls name when we have one will be yet another plain name to me, but it fits both of our families....
Samantha Rose

I have 2 other names in mind for future children.
Brennan Gabriel  
Lara Rhiannon, or Lara Rhapsody, or Lara Anastasia (what do you think??)

but i defiantely get my picks for the next kids.... he got the first boy and girl, i get any others .... i shouldnt have agreed so quick to them haha
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Sibset I heard about 
(note: these are the actual spellings... gasp away)

J-Dean (m)
Makenzee (m)
Sahrie (f) (prn saaah ree)
Rahen (m) (prn like ryan)

Also, a family:

Personally, I think J-Dean is a little much... 
The other family have gorgeous names, espeially cos they are spelled right! IMO they work really well as a sibset
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okay so I am not pregnant at the moment and not trying either (wanna wait until I am slightly more stable, maybe when I'm 25-27ish). My husband has *one* name he likes and has *ever* expressed to me despite the fact I bother him about it all the time =/
He likes the name: Damien

What do I think? It's not a bad name... I just keep thinking of the omen ;.; what do you guys think? I mean, if we have kids and it's a boy and he really does like this name I wouldn't want to take it away from him... yaknow? thoughts? thanks!


May. 17th, 2007 09:55 pm
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I went to Hobby Lobby today, and met 3.5 month old twin girls. They were so tiny and sweet! I'm usually shy, but I approached the mom and told her how precious they were. And of course, I asked her their names.

Emma and Ella

I wouldn't personally use those names myself, but I loved it and thought it fit them perfectly. Adorable!
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Does anyone have the link for the site which shows how many people share your name?

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