May. 16th, 2007


May. 16th, 2007 10:44 am
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My friend made her top ten for each gender and I thought that I would too.  Here is my list if I ever have another child:

5)Hagen (pronounced "Hay-gen")

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This one has been set in stone if it's a boy:

Tyler Thomas Brack

And, if it's a girl I'm pretty set on this one:

Ava Angeline

But today we were talking and he isn't crazy about Angeline, but he does like Genevive, which I also like, but never thought he would like, so any possible names to go with Genevive?
We'd call her Ginny probably, at least for a while... Comments, etc appreciated.

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I've been incessently bothering my husband about figuring out a boy's name before our ultrasound. He thinks he likes Jayden Paul (which uses my father's middle name), and I like it.

It's not my first choice, but what do y'all think?
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I know it's not exactly a baby... but we just got a new puppy and are needing a name. My hubby had a dog Shelby for a little while when he was younger (pre 10) but that dog got hit by a car, so at 10 he got Charlotte, my later step-puppy (he lived in North Carolina, see the names? lol!) and she just died in Oct of 06. We got a new one that looks almost just like her as a puppy (so I hear) a black lab with a white spot on the chest. only the new puppy has white tips on her back paws.

So anyways! We need a good name, maybe similar to Charlotte. I saw on a name site Kaloke? It's a maybe...
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My Husband and I plan on trying to conceive soon. He is Indian and I am white. I am looking for Indian names that are pretty much Americanized. This is not an Indian name, but is derived from one:
Nirelle (Nirel)- for a girl

I am looking for an Indian middle name for it. We should give the baby (when we are pregnant and I give birth) the father's first name as his or her middle name so it would be Nirelle Vikram and then another middle name and his last name (I am going to hyphenate my last name).
So- Nirelle Vikram ????? J. Any ideas on Indian names?

For a boy:

Maximillian Vikram ????? J.
Maxwell Vikram ????? J.

Any ideas?

I like names with meanings with those of sun, stars, gift, treasure... Any help would be great! His family speaks Marathi and are of the Hindu faith. Even to add in Scottish Gaelic (my family history) would be awesome too.
I LOVE the name Ewan...

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