May. 1st, 2007

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I have no intentions of having a baby anytime soon (or far for that matter) I'm not much on the babies. HOWEVER, I loooooove to name things. Tell me what you think

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well i am unlikely to become pregnant any time soon, but i love names.  i have a couple of names i really like for girls and boys:


Johanna - after my favourite Bob Dylan song called Visions of Johanna.  It means "god is gracious", and even though i'm not religious i really love the sound of the name.

Alba - another great sound, it means "white", "pure", "light" etc

Margarita - a spanish/russian name meaning "pearl" which sounds fantastic to say, but as it's also a cocktail i could probably never actually call a child that!


Henry - i think it just means "ruler" but not certain!  I think it sounds really comforting, but also unusual - it's a name that's old enough to have come around in a circle to be quite trendy again!

Hal - actually diminutive form of Henry, but i have always liked it!

William - after my dad and Shakespeare both, and can be handily shortened to Will!

what does everyone think?
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My mom is one of three girls. When the first girl had a daughter, the three of them decided to start a tradition: the first daughter to each girl gets her name as a middle name. So my mom, who was the first to have a girl, is named Lori, so she named her first daughter Meaghan Lori. (That's pronounced Megan, my dad mispelled it because he's a dweeb.) My aunt Sue then had a daughter who was named Katlyn Sue, and then my other aunt Jill named her first daughter Jennifer Jill. My mom and my aunt Jill had a second daughter, and I'm not sure what my cousin's middle name is, but my mom said my middle name is my gramma's middle name, so I assume my cousin's middle name is the same as mine. Anyway, now the girls in the family are starting to have kids. My sister Meaghan kept with the tradition, naming her first daughter Audrey Meaghan, so we are keeping the tradition going. My name is Bridgett, and I think that's going to be a pain in the butt to find something that sounds good with that in front of it. None of us girls in the family really have it easy, except for the one that will never have children. Anyone have any suggestions of some names, or like a "rule" that would sound good? By that I mean, some names just sound good together because of phonetics or spelling, like Maggie Mae (the -e at the end of both). I like traditional names and new ones, I just don't like weird spellings. Thanks!

New here

May. 1st, 2007 12:50 am
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I'm new. My name is Angelique Noel C. I hate my name with a firey passion but I suppose that happens a lot. I don't know! /endramble.

My husband, Troy, and I don't really *plan* on having a child. I do love names, naming things, etc., though! :D


Astrid - Probably my number one all time favourite girl name.



Just a few! :D

If we *did* have a child (and it would only be one).. For a girl it would probably be Astrid Lillith or Lillith Astrid. For a boy it would probably have Ra somewhere in it.

My names

May. 1st, 2007 02:04 am
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Hi! It's been really interesting and inspiring to reading through all these posts and see what you guys like/dislike etc.

My name is Lorna Rachel, not really sure what I think of it. It's not really common which is nice because I never get confused with other people, but you do get called Laura quite a lot which is annoying.

I'm not planning on having kids any time soon/ever but there are a few names that have stuck with me.

d'Artagnon Frodo Skywalker... )
If I could name my son anything, and not be laughed at or judged or have people make fun of him or him hate me for life I'd call him d'Artangnon. Just because it's such a cool name to say, and you'd ALWAYS have to say it in a french accent... but don't worry, I wouldn't ever do that to a child.

baby names.

May. 1st, 2007 07:49 am
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my name is.. Faith Whitney Nicole.

my favorite names for a girl..

& my favorite names for a boy..
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I suppose I'll start out with my own name considering that this is a "name" group....

My name is Erica Joyce.  I used to hate my middle name, but it's grown with me over the years.  Also, I hated the fact that there aren't really any nicknames that derive from Erica and I so badly wanted a nickname as a child.  I have no children and don't believe I'll have any in the next few years.  I do, however, really love coming up with names.  Most of the names I think of would probably get a child made fun I'll have the most unique dog names!

-Nicholas Dalton
-James Tilton or Tilton James (Tilton was my grandfather's middle name..)

-Addison Rae
-Olivia Tatum (it's my niece's name...but I really like it)

Other names I like but would probably never name my child...
-Perry (it's a family name...but I have about 3 cousins with that it's out the window)
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Hello everyone! I (like a lot of others, I'm sure) got to this from the featured community page, and it tickled my fancy because I love naming things. I love words, and I love the sound and look of names. I also like discovering the meanings of names. I look for excuses to name things - I even named my computers (and anyone who is familiar with A Midsummer Night's Dream will understand why I named my desktop Helena and my laptop Hermia.

All the stuff below is cut by theme, since this post got a bit long.

Cat Naming Stories )

My Parents' Naming Strategy )

Potential Children's Names )
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Im really trying to narrow my list down to a few solid names, seeing as hubby and I are TTC now.

Here are some names I like, so you can see my style. I really dont like any trendy names. I tend to lean more towards old fashioned pretty names. I really need help with middle names especially. Something with personality. I pretty much suck at names, its taken me 2 years to come up with this list. *ETA: Can anyone tell me a name which Lou could be the nickname for? For a girl?


Roman (hubby loves this one)
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My husband and I talk about names all the time, even though we're not having a baby or planning to anytime soon.

Our favorite boy name is John. John is an old family name on both sides and both our dads' real names are John (his dad goes by Jack). We are torn on middle names. He likes Donald, after his grandpa while I like William, after my grandpa. We're probably going with something else entirely. We like John since we think there's too many Jacks, plus John is a name everyone knows, that doesn't seem that popular since our dads' time, plus it isn't an aden name!

We're unsure about girls' names. His parents kind of made up his sister's name and his mom is Wanda, so he is determined his daughter have a nice, normal, non-made up name. Unfortunately, we have nothing in mind. What names to you recommend for normal, everyone has heard of, but not everyone has this girl's name?
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Hey Guys 
My name is Jennifer Megan (really unique!) 
Like most, I'm not having a baby anytime soon...but I love to think of their names all the time.
Here's a few from my list. (Yes...I love weird, unique and hippie names..probably because mine is so common and plain). Feel free to suggest on pairings, or add some if you think they would go along with my theme


Lily / Layla
Saphyre Skye
Scarlett Rose
Amber / Ember / Emberlynn / Amberlynn / Anberlynn
Jayde / Jayden
Raine / Rayne
Shadeau ( French)  / Shadow
Penny (Lane)
Apple (yea, people thought it was weird when Gwenyth did it...but I think it's beautiful. Apple of my eye.)


Leif /Leaf
Xavier ( pronounced with the X....not like Havier)

Here's my predicament. 
My family has a tradition going on. My grandma's name is Joan, grandpa is Jules. They had 4 kids....Jacqueline, James, John and Joseph. My dad decided to carry it on...hence Jennifer, and my sister Julie. 
I'd like to keep the tradition going, but I have yet to stumble across some names that start with a J that I like. Jasmine is kinda pretty...and goes along with my unique/natury theme, but it reminds me too much of the movie Alladin.  Any ideas?

My background is also French, and I would love for them to have a french first or middle name. French suggestions are more than welcome!

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Ahh, I've just spotted this community and I love it already!

My name is Jaclyn Beth, and I do like it now (but only if my first name (which is pronounced the same as "Jacqueline") is kept whole or shorted into Jack.  I really do not like Jackie), but for years I didn't.  I was named after my father's close friend John Bernard who died shortly before I was born.  While my name is nice, I've been toying with the idea of changing my middle name to Elizabeth, because as my last name starts with a W, and then my initials would be "J.E.W." (and I am one, so I thought it would be kind of funny).  I don't think I'll actually do it though.  My dad would kill me.

Anyway, my favorite names are:

Irene (my grandmother's name)

.. and that's all I can think of right now!  I like more old-fashioned names with a twist. I think they're beautiful.


Good old, fashioned names for boys I guess.

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Children may or may not be in the future, however I love to name things. I'll make up stories (That I will never finish) Just to give life to a name meaning.

I've always had a fascination with a few names, and I always tried to put my two cents in when Co-Workers would have children.

I saw a post about Family naming traditions, and I figured I would share the one my family is in the works of making. My mother had 8 siblings, 5 females and 4 males. Only one of the boys got married and had a son, but other than that the women had children in this order.

Cut )
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I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them right now.

I have a question for everyone as well - what do you think about naming someone one thing, and calling her/him by their middle name? Also, how do you feel about naming children after a living parent?


May. 1st, 2007 10:35 am
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I need your help...

we are getting two new dogs
two is golden the other one black
we need names starting with A
what do you think would fit ?

here are our pets :

golden retriever =
(father of the babies)

chihuahua =

cats =

rabbits =
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Howdy. I've been reading entries on this community for the last hour and having a grand ol' time, and as names and their meanings and connotations delight me a great deal, I figured I'd jump in.

My own name is Katheryn Nicole. I've known only one person in all my life who spelled my first name properly on the first try, and it turned out it was because her niece's name was spelled the same way. I spent my childhood as Katie, even though I loathed it and tried constantly to get people to call me some other variation of my names, or something else altogether. I gave up eventually, but when I moved states and ended up in a new high school with a population bigger than my old home town, I discovered there were at least two other Katies in each and every one of my classes. So when asked to introduce myself, I said "Kate", which was slightly less popular there. Thankfully, it stuck. I like being Kate; it suits my identity. As to my middle name, I rarely ever use it because I happen to know several Nicoles and I don't like it much anyway.

I've had only one nickname unrelated to my given name that stuck: Scream. Don't laugh! Okay, laugh, but quietly! It was given to me by a friend when I was six years old, after I deliberately (though it took a couple tries) shattered glass by screaming. I can no longer perform that feat, and my friend passed away some years ago, but the name has stuck with many of my friends thereafter, even if I do tell them they can call me Kate. On average, I enjoy my nickname. It isn't very common, after all! There are two problems with having the nickname Scream. 1) Often, when people around me use the word "scream" in conversation, I automatically respond with "what?" before I realize they weren't talking to me; and 2) It has become (slightly) annoyingly frequent for one friend to shout "SCREAM!" at me and another to respond by doing so, as if it were a command. They think this is funny, and sometimes I do too, but it can be a bit embarrassing other times.

Incidentally, the friend who gave me that nickname had a unique one herself. Granted, it was given to her by a druggie mother who was quite high at the time, but yes. Born on the 4th of July, she got the name Indypendence Cornflower. I mean, really, wow! We always just called her Indy, which she liked anyway.

I'm currently physically incapable of having children due to damage. I've been assured a few times that if I ever decide I want to, I can have procedures done that will make it possible again. I'm not a fan of much medical invasion though, so I don't think that'll happen. I've had friends who were trapped in the foster system for a long time, though, and having witnessed that misfortune, I know I'd love to adopt. Probably older children, as they tend to have a harder time finding homes. This makes naming them harder, but I can dream! Either way, I have never been completely fixated on a potential name for potential children...

I have a strong interest in "dead" or "endangered" languages, and in etymology - the study of the origins/histories of words. I also am an artist and writer, so I tend to collect names and interesting words for potential use. I like names that were intended for naming, of course, but I also like grabbing up unexpected nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sometimes adverbs, to turn into names. This is assisted by the fact that I own 70+ foreign language dictionaries, my favorites among them Old English, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Old Norse, and Swahili.

Under the cut...
A fun naming site, my own name collections for characters, random amusement, and pets... )

Lovely community, great fun, enjoying it!


May. 1st, 2007 11:40 am
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My name is Kayleigh Ann (pronounced Kay-lee). I'm fortunate to never had problems with someone in class or work having the same name as me, but I still think it's a little unoriginal. I was born at the same time there was a popular song by this name, and the middle name is boring.

Anyway, I would like to name my first daughter after my grandmothers, whose names were Lillian and Ellen, but slightly more modern. My ideas were:

Lily Elle (pronounced el)
Lily Ella (pronounced el-luh)
Lily Ela (pronounced a-luh)

I know they're only minor variations, but which do you think flows the best?
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First off...I'm new so HELLO!!! I'm 25 and I don't have children yet. But I've had lists of names since I was about 14. LOL Here's some of my favorites...

Brendon Tyler
Owen Jesse
Zachary Allen
Brycen Lee
Jack Steven
Andrew Nicholas

Mikayla Mae
Cammie Lea
Caitlyn Rose
Alyssa Faye
Olivia Jane
Jerrica Danielle

Some names

May. 1st, 2007 12:42 pm
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for a girl Tienne  (it's like Tina)
                Aaike (that's a Flemish name)
                Klaartje (Flemish for Claire)

I have Armenian neighbours and they have cool names

Talitha     (meaning girl)
Sevine           (meaning Goddess of moon)
Lucine          (meaning moon)

Also like Dorotha which is a Polish name


Ik like, Winse (Flemish)

some Armenian names:

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Today is my first wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been together for almost 4 years and married one year. We're expecting our first baby in October. Funny thing is that on our 3rd date Ryan tossed this question at me: "so you want children?" "sure" I tell him. Then he tells me that he wants kids and already has names for them! LOL! I love the names.

We'll find in early June if we are having a boy or a girl. For a boy we have Wesley Ryan Sullivan. For a girl we have Alora Jane Sullivan. We went with Ryan as a middle name to continue a tradition in his family. Jane is my mother-in-law's name and I though it was pretty with Alora. The first names came from his two favorite heros in his two favorite movies. Alora was the baby's name in Willow. Wesley was the hero in the Princess Bride. Yep, my dear husband is a romantic sort of fellow. LOL

Anyhow, in June I'll introduce you to our little one! We can't wait!
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Hey everyone, I'm new here. My name is Jessica Amy (very 80's, I know), but my whole life, everyone has called me Jamy. I've always been fascinated with names, their meaning, how they flow together, etc. I'm excited to have finally found an LJ community with people who feel the same! 

My name style is somewhat old fashioned and traditional. Popularity of a name really isn't that mushc of an issue to me right now, but I'm sure when I have kids, my feelings about that will change. A lot of my favorite names a pretty popular, though not exactly "trendy," but there are several surprises and "guilty pleasures," if you will!

Please comment and offer combo suggestions! 

Glad be part of the board!
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I don't have any kids but I am very intersted in names I can't wait to have kids the only problem is there are so many names I like i'd have a hard time picking one :P

Family names: 

My nana: Margaret 
My Grandpa: Henry
My grandma: Alberta
My Grandpa: Manfull
My mom: Deborah Ann
My dad: Berry Craig
Oldest sister: Jennie Nicol 
Second older sister: Keri Ann Schad
Me: Lyndsay Hope
Youger sister: Tiffany Michele
My niece: Tristan Ann
My nephew: Jared Craig

Now to the names I like :D I don't have middle names for the boy names i'll leave that to my future husband.

Alessandra Tristan
Isabella Margaret Ann
Rainn Michele 
Matayah Nicol
Tessa Hope
Peyton Alberta
Alexa Ray
Hope Dava


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I just recalled a name I met once on my college campus. The girl's name was Abracadabra. I kid you not. I saw her driver's license. She told me she kept her different circles of friends/acquaintances separate by having each one call her a different nickname: Abby, Cady, or Debra. And that among family, she usually was called by Abra, Dabra, or the entire Abracadabra name. She claimed to love her name. Takes a special personality! She was a very interesting character.
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My name is Alexis Sophia.

I was indirectly named after a great-great-great seafaring uncle, Alexander, who brought my Dutch ancestors to Indonesia quite some time ago. My Dutch-Indo Oma (grandmother) loved the name 'Alexis' and wanted to name my aunt that, but there was some confusion in the hospital in Delft and her name was recorded as 'Alice'. That name stuck, so I got the former for myself :) My middle name is not legally 'Sophia' but I decided when I was nine I wanted to have one (up until that point it was my mother's maiden name, 'Deighton'), and I loved that name very much, so I chose it for myself!

From being a baby up until I was eight or nine, I went by 'Alex', and for a short period in my tweens when it was cool to have a '-ie' at the end I was 'Ally'.

I lived in the Netherlands for a while and many people I met remarked upon my name, as most of them had either never heard of it before or they associated it with male hockey players from Russia (it was especially confusing for a few of my friends, exchange students from Latin America, who purely associated it with men).

This community reminded me of Anne Shirley's obsession with elegant names, and it made me smile. Some of my own favourites include Eleanor/Elinor, Olivia, Theodora, and Michaela. I have yet to decide on any boys' names.


May. 1st, 2007 02:05 pm
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Favorite "K" name.

These names are already taken:

Kimi (Kimberly) *me*
Kyle *husband*
Kegan *son*

Also these are family & friends names:


In keeping with our "K" tradition I want our next child to also have a "K" name. I have a few but I am curious to see what I've missed.

Middle names I am thinking for a girl Miranda (not 100% postive on it but it was my best friends middle name who died) and for a boy Mavrick which we are 99% sure on.


May. 1st, 2007 02:22 pm
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Beatles, Beatles families, Beatles songs )
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Hello, I’m new here, but I’ve always loved names. I’m only 16, so I’m not planning on my own kids anytime soon- but I am looking forward to it. My name is Magdalen Rose, Magdalen after Mary Magdalene in the bible, and Rose after my great grandmother. I used to hate my name, and went by Maggie. It stuck, and now that I love my name, no one calls me by it. Anyway, I love boy names the most for some reason, and I get most of them from book characters and authors I like. I ‘ve never really matched middle names and first names, although it would be cool to get ideas for some of them! Anyway, here they are:

a hopefully not too long list )
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My parents both come from fairly large families.... with lots of names...
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Hello, another newbie here. I joined more to comment on other's posts than to post myself, but I do have a question for you all.

I love the name Zephyr. I know that it is a boy's name (from the Greek god Zephyros, god of the west wind), but I think it could be really pretty as a girl's name.

So what do you think? Boy's name only? Girl's name? Both? Neither?



May. 1st, 2007 03:14 pm
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So i am a little young to be thinking about baby names but i couldn't help myself when i saw this group.

My name is Isabella, but most call me izzy, belle, bella i could go on forever.

The names that i want can go for either a boy or girl.

The names that i am most definitely going to name my kids are..
Sonny and roary but i havent decided whether they are suitable for guys or girls.

I also am thinking about annabelle/a for a girl. This is because my moms name is anne and my name is isabella and i figured i could mix the two?

Tell me what you think.
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I noticed some people were posting about the names of their siblings and various family members, and I thought I would do the same.

My mom: Wendi Kay
Dad: Alvin Lee
Step-mom: Brenda Gail
Other various women that have parented siblings: Robbie, Rhonda, Ramona
Siblings: Kyndra Michelle, Kayla Danice, Matthew Tyler, *me* K'lyssa Elise, Ryan Thomas, Oscarr Dimitri, Brently Joe, Duncan Lafayette (Lafayette is a family name), Jillian Reid (we call her Reid), and Holli Marie.

My family history is a little complicated..but yes, I'm one of 10. =)
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My own name is Courtney Pauline and I'm not overly fond of it. Here are some of my favorites. I have been picking out baby names since I was like 8 years old.

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On TLC, there is this show called Kids By The Dozen. Last night they profiled the Arndts, a family with fourteen kids from Missouri

Dad: Rick, 51
Mom: Kathy, 47
Paul Matthew, 26
John Andrew, 25
Mark David, 23
Luke Joseph, 22
Jude, 20
James, 18
Philip, 16
Seth, 15
Jacob, 13
Nathan, 12
Mary-Elizabeth, 10
Caleb, 8
Peter, 6
David, 4

Yep, thirteen boys and ONE girl.

The family is Christian; Dad is a minister and they runs an at-home church. They also have a family business of court reporting. They built their own house. All fourteen kids live at home and Mom homeschools all the kids.

They seemed a little less robotic and creepy than the Duggars. Each child seemed like a normal kid and had his/her own personality., if you want to see for yourself.


May. 1st, 2007 04:03 pm
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Is Liam a name by itself or a nickname for William? I like the name Liam (Lee-am, right?) but not so fond of William.


May. 1st, 2007 04:07 pm
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I *LOVE* names. I have a giant list of names I've fallen in love with over the years, and whenever I have to see someone's ID at work [alcohol or checks], I'll write their name down on my arm so I can add to my list.

Let's get to the names! )
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My parents named me elizabeth therese, but they always called me tess. it's so wierd having to explain to everyone--its not that i don't like elizabeth, i've just never been called that.
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Does anyone have good nicknames that are derived from their given name? Or even other nicknames for other reasons? I don't ever pick a name unless it has a good nickname to go with it.
nicknames )
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Hi, I'm new, and my name is Holly. I'm really young and don't plan on having kids for a decade, but I still love thinking of names!  When I saw this I thought it was random, yet awesome that someone thought of this.! I really love the names Brynson (my sisters name),  Roxanne,  Isabella (who doesn't?!), Rosa Lee Jane, and I know there are more, but I just can't think of them right now. For boys, I like Griffin, Dagen, Kaden, Emmet (it's from a book I read and I loved it right away), and Dallas. Someone probably has already posted these names, but oh well!

I'm new!

May. 1st, 2007 05:03 pm
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I'm new here (saw the community on the spotlight) and I thought I'd share my names. I am getting married in 8 months and my fiance and I have been discussing baby names. Unique names are important to both of us, but not names that our child would get made fun of for, like what happened to my siblings and myself. My name is Roxanne, and my siblings names are Rachael (harmless enough, but she almost got named Sunshine), Navieve, Josiah, Garris, and Leighton (pronounced Lay-ton). So with this in mind, my fiance and I have come up with a few names for our future children. We like:
Madelynn (different spelling though)

What do you think? I need more boy's names, if you have one you like, let me know :)
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I have a little bundle of joy due in September. We've pretty much got the boy's name figured out...but we don't have a girl's name set in concrete yet. The thing is, my fiance is set on having Naomi somewhere in the name...if it's a girl, he wants to have part of her name be after his grandmother. Now, I'm not really a fan of that name and while I have a few names I really like: Amelia, Sophia, Eleanor, Grace...I'm not sure if they fit correctly with Naomi. Amelia might be the one that goes with it best.

I guess my question would be: what names do you think flow well with Naomi? I would prefer Naomi to be a middle name but I'm open to the possibility of it being a first name if it's properly paired.


May. 1st, 2007 05:35 pm
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Hello, I saw this community on the front page && HAD to join. I love names < 3

My story... My name is Autumn-Rose, & I am due to have a baby boy in August. His name will be that of his father (Richard Houston Ray) He will be the 3rd and we will be calling him Houston for short. I have a question on surnames. Baby Houston's father & I will not be married until about 10 months after his birth (I'm finishing my education before we exchange our vows) & I am not sure of how the name will be displayed on his birth certificate. (I live in TN). I'm not sure if he will automatically receive my name or his fathers or if we must go through court to change his name at a later date. If anyone knows the laws and regulations on this- I'd be very thankful! Thank you!

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Hi, I came here via the spotlight on the home page.

My name is Sarah, and I have a very very long list of names, so I shall put them under the cut for your viewing pleasure.

Con crit welcome

names names names! )
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just some names i've liked for a while.

carter keagan
hayden (but unfortuantely if i ever have a son i wont be able to name him that, because my nephew's name is's just too similar)

aurora lynn


May. 1st, 2007 07:01 pm
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a week or so ago, i posted about not knowing what to name my soon to be baby...
edward mars or alice jack  etc etc.?

well, baby has arrived and HE is not an edward, that's for sure!

I just thought I'd let you know : )

Thank you for the name help, even though we went with something different ; )


May. 1st, 2007 07:39 pm
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I just noticed this community and thought, "Aww, I love names." So I decided to join. I am not a huge fan of my own name but I am stuck with it so there isn't much I can do. My first name is Denise (pronounced Duh-Knees, not Duh-niece) which I am used to now. I hated it for a while but I have gotten used to the fact that it's unusual and uncommon. My middle name is Bronwyn (pronounced Bron-win) and I hate my middle name. I hate it. I have no idea what my parents were thinking when they came up with that. My mum thinks it's a lovely name, I however disagree. I am sure I will grow to love it but for now I am not overly keen on it.

And well, I am only 17 so I don't plan on having children for a while yet but being a typical girl I have names that I would like to name them or at least bring them up in conversation if I ever have a child. I am always intrigued to learn other peoples' names as well. I have a strange fascination with names.

Names...Names....Names )
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My husband and I both have a 'y' in our names, Bryan and Holly, as do my husband's sister, Kathryn, mother, Yvonne, and father, Rodney, and we'd like to carry on the tradition with our kids' first names.

Suggestions for boys and girls names would be most welcome!
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... and not really planning on having a baby any time soon, but I have an obsession with names. For girls.

I have three categories that I like.
The first is jewels. I'd love to call my child either Amethyst Ruby or Amethyst Jade. Also, they can shorten it to Amy if they want. Incidentally, I love the name Ruby Tuesday, after the song.

The second is flowers. For me, the one that works is Lily Jasmine. Although, being myself, I would have to vary the spelling. Lilie or Jasmyn or something like that. 

The last one is beautiful colours. Indigo and Azure do it for me- Indigo Azure, I think, or Azure Indigo are beautiful names. If you know any other poetic colours, please say.

So, really, comments. Yay or nay?

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I already wrote a list of baby names I would like, but I forgot to add this one [its a first and middle name]

"Anna Beilin"

I like the sound of it.  I know im not going to have kids, but if i ever had a girl, I think I would name her Anna Beilin.

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Well, 'lo all, I am new here, like many of the recent posters. My name is Catherine Elizabeth. I am not planning on having children anytime soon, but I am a writer ((or so I would like to think)) and I am always looking for name ideas for characters and such.

I do know that when I have kids I would like them to have my parents' names as their middle names, something my parents did with my siblings and I by giving us each one of our grandparents first names as a middle name. So my immediate choice for a boy would be: Iain Michael or Corben Michael. Girl: Elizabeth Jane. ((I have had a hard time coming up with a name I like in front of Jane, so if there are any suggestions...))

I will lj-cut my list of other names I like and/or have used in my stories:
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Does anyone else like 'Seven' for a name? Or is it just me? lol.
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My husband's first and middle initials are JM, and mine are KM. So we decided years ago that when we have children, they'll progress through the alphabet in the same manner. LM, MM, NM, and so on (if I have more than three, of course.) . 

Agreeing on names is kind of difficult for us, but we've managed to think of a name for our firstborn, depending on gender.  (Note: I'm not even pregnant yet, but we both like to plan ahead.)

Lenore Megan for a girl
Liam Maddox for a boy

The real challenge will be thinking of names when we have a second child.
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I'm new here. Yay for the LJ Spotlight.

Anyway, I'm writing this big old story arc with a few of my friends and I thought I would share some of the names that I'm using.

Felicity Jo
Joshua Micheal
Alexander Blake
Zachary Dean
Lianne Kaylea
Devon Chase
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I posted a few days ago, but i've been trawling through old posts and a lot of names have taken my fancy!
My name is Claire Louise by the way, i used to hate it. I forever wanted to change my name to Jessica when i was younger...and i'm so glad now i wasn't a Jessica. There are about three Jessicas in my year at school i think. I've never known another Claire or a Louise actually. My parents considered Elizabeth, April and Olivia before they chose Claire. [I am grateful they didn't name me April...i have a terrible word association with 'aprioct' every time i see that name lol].

list.. )
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My name is Shea (Shay) Marie Suzzette. Nice of LJ spotlight to point me in your direction! ;)

Not planning on kids anytime soon, but I've got a few names to try out and see what people think about them.... Some are my favorites, other ones are some that've been thrown around.

My favorites...

boys:         girls:
Jack           Juliet
Tristan       Arwen
Liam          Leia
                   Marlyse (Mar - leese)

A friend whom I consider fairly off her wagon suggested names like "Corvette Bryar-Rose" for a girl and "Cyro (Ky-ro) Anakin" for a boy. I hold nothing against the name Anakin, I rather like it. But some of her suggestions are off the wall.

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Am I the only person who likes the names:


I never really thought of middle names, although, I love the middle name Paul.

 I have a hard time thinking of names that go well with my last name. Its not like im planning on having kids any time soon, but I have no intention of giving my child the fathers last name. I am the only one left in my family with my last name, and I have no intention of letting it die! :)

So what goes well with Majewski (Ma Jew Ski)
Im Kimberly Ann Majewski by the way.
My mother is Pamela Pomaville (Pom A Ville) How horrible is that!!!
My father is Jeffrey Allen Pomaville (they just recently got married after being together for 22 years)
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This community is fantastic! I'm not planning to have kids for ages yet, but I'm obsessed with choosing names. In fact, I think I should have a job naming people's babies/pets/houseplants...

After years of vetoing each other's choices (he wanted Lazarus!) my husband and I have decided on Willoughby Jonathan for a boy (Jonathan is my little brother's name). Naming girls can be much more imaginative! I currently love:

Kaliadne (kal-ee-add-nee, a greek name)
Bethlehem (I'm not religious, but it's so pretty)

I love reading everyone else's choices/ideas!


May. 1st, 2007 09:59 pm
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heyy yall. im new here but i think i get the gist of it.  i dont have any kids. im still pretty young for that in my opinion.  but i did decide that im giving my children several middle names because i never understood why people dont get to pick their own names.  if not when their born then certainly eventually.   if a person has to live with their name for the next 80 years or so, dont you think they should get to pick it.  i like my name so im not complaining but i dont want my child to resent me for naming them something that they arent comfortable with. but if i have to name them legally then i'll give them a variety of names when they are born.  that way, when the get older, if they decide that they want to go by a different name then they can just pick from one of their middle names or a nick name of one of their middle names. see! options galore.   so here are the names that ive come up with so far. one boy one girl.  yes i know that the girl's name is shorter but its unfinished mind you.  o yeah. one more thing.  i like to expirement with spellings so if you think its misspelled, its not.

Vaughn Finnigan Christian Mallechi Leo Parker Mercutio Serge Victor Didier Giovanni 
^didier is pronounced [dee - dee - ay].  its french. 

Francesca Isis Elizabeth Marie Cellia Chantal Margaritte Contessa Annalie

im not specifically asking for any comments but im not gunna stop anyone from offering them.  wow. i just read the paragraph that i wrote above and it sounded really snippy. sorry. i didnt mean for it to sound snippy.

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Hellooo I'm new :)
my name is Saskia Mackenzie Fransz (Suh-ski-uh). Saskia is a very old Dutch name, Mackenzie is my Mum's surname, Fransz is (obviously) my surname. My parents are Dutch/Australian.
My brother's name is Sebastian, but Dad calls him Bastiaan, which is the Dutch variation. My dad's name is Jan-Maarten (Jan said like Yunn) but he goes by just Maarten, and the rest of my family have mostly Dutch names, or English names pronounced in the Dutch way.
I LOVE my name. It totally encompasses who I am.
my partner, Danny, is Mexican-American, and we've pretty much agreed to have both Mexican and Dutch-influenced names for our kids.
For girls we like:
Mina (my favourite)
Celia (after his Mum)
Tineke/Anneke (teen-eh-keh, Un-eh-keh)

For boys we like:
Andres (like his Dad)

And I like Hendrik (I have an uncle called Hendrik-Jan) but I don't think Danny would go for that one XD


May. 1st, 2007 10:45 pm
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Hi I'm kinda young to have a baby and stuff but some of my fav baby names are:




May. 1st, 2007 11:05 pm
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Hey y'all, new to the comm and wanted to voice my opinion on what I will be naming my future children! Feedback please!
*please take into consideration I probably will not have this many kids, especially the exact number of boys and girls! But I like them all anyways.

Emerson Bridgette
Chesney Rae

Kemper Preston
Kale Turner
Karek Fuller
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I am no where near being pregnant or thinking about it but I have always loved picking out baby names. I want to name one of my girls Roma Marie or Maxine Marie and for a boy I love Julius James. What do you guys think of those? My grandmother who has since passed name was Roma Maxine and I was extremely close to her and want to honor her by naming one of my children after her.
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Now, I'm not anywhere near being pregnant, but I still like to think of baby names. I'm a sucker for old fashioned/medieval time names. Now, I absolutely LOVE the name Virginia for a girl and I'd really like to name my daughter [if i ever have one] Virginia Daire [insert last name here]. Which I know is a little wierd cause it's naming her after Virginia Dare.
But I like the spelling Daire better. What do you think?
And being a sucker for Medieval names, I also like the name Ava Jade [insert last name here].  [Ava pronounced AY-VAH]

Does anyone else know any Medieval names? [boy or girl]
thanks =]
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Hey there. I found this community through the LJ spotlight and...I've always loved coming up with baby names, even though I'm not pregnant nor am I anywhere near becoming pregnant. So...since I'm new, I'm going to share a few names that I've come up with over the years. Both ones I no longer want to use, as well as the ones I do want for my own kids.

The ones I no longer plan on using:

Brianna Jordyn
Emma Jordyn
Kayla Lynn
Jonali Ruth
Samantha Carrie
Lucas Austin

And now, the ones I want to use for my kids one day:

Justin Lloyd
Hunter Andrew

Colleen Marie
Daytona Ruth

Of the ones I want to use...they all involve names of people close to me. Lloyd was my late grandfather's name. Andrew is one of my best friends. Colleen was my mom's late best friend and Marie is my mom's middle name. Ruth is my grandma's middle name.


May. 1st, 2007 11:49 pm
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So... another new person due to the LJ spotlight. Damn, that thing works, huh?

Anyhow, I don't really like children, and probably don't want to ever have them but I have always been quite fond of names, and hey, ya never know. I really like traditional british or biblical names in general, but I guess they mightn't all fit into that category. I think that most names I like tend to be associated with characters that I have seen/read about.


Dorian - (ever since I read The Portrait of Dorian Gray.)
Julian - (I first got this one from the Famous Five, LOL)
Sebastian - (No idea where I got that one)
Ezra - (Ezra Pound!)
Jack (I love this name, but it feels too nicknamey for me - but I hate John and Jackson. Oh well)
James - (I really hate Jimmy though)
Dermot - (It's my dad's name, so it should get a mention ;))
William - (Nearly everyone on the X-Files is named William)

Lily - (Heh... Harry Potter)
Ella - (From my own mind! It's too close to my own name though - Emma)
Charlotte - (Charlotte Bronte! ... and Charlotte's Web)
Olivia - (No association)

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