Apr. 30th, 2007

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so i have no intentions of having kids any time soon.

but these are the names i am in love with:


tristan matthew -if my first child is a boy, i am naming him this no matter what.
brayden christopher- i love this combo.
aidan- which means "little fire" i think its cute.
declan- my friend cheri's nephew's name. i love it.
quinn- pretty unique. it sounds like a name from shakespeare or something.


bella marie- my middle name, my mom's middle name, my grandmother's middle name. and i just love bella...and the combination.
cadence marie- i first heard this name in the movie "patch adams". and i loved it. also, it has a musical meaning, and music is a huge part of my life. and always will be.
hadley-its unique. i like it.
avery-another unique. im going for unique if you cant tell.

so, let me know what you think. i think i have some pretty good names.


Apr. 30th, 2007 12:12 am
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Jensen & Torrance..for girls. 

I saw them both in a PARENTS magazine last night while I was babysitting my nephew.
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In light of our spotlight and new members, I've decided to (finally) re-do our pathetic and shamefully bland layout. Enjoy!

(let me know if it doesn't display right in your browser, and which browser that is)
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Hi, these aren't necessarily baby names but for girls I've always liked

Blanche and Stella, from A Streetcar Named Desire.
Or Mathilde and Amelie - from the Jeunet films.

As for boys, I enjoy Sevario which was my grandfather's super Italian name. I believe it translates to Samuel, or that's what the people at Ellis Island told him - to Americanize his name. Kind of a shame really, he went from Sevario Francesco to Frank Samuel.

But I was wondering if anyone knew any interesting Irish boy names? Apart from the completely typical. For, I guess, future reference.

and here's a self centered edit - my name's Kiley. I actually like my name. At first it used to annoy me because I thought it was pretty manly but I kind of like the ungirly-ness of it now.

My names.

Apr. 30th, 2007 12:27 am
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Hey everyone, I'm new! My name is Jen and I love thinking up names. I have a looong list under the cut - tell me what you guys think (if you can get through it all, lol). If you want to give me suggestions for first/middle name combos, I would welcome them. ;p Happy name-browsing!

Baby names! )
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I suppose I have a dilemma: I'm Russian. I live in the US. And while everyone in the Russian community around here names their kids - well, whatever name they can come up with, I really would love my kids to have names that sound good in both languages.

Example: Zach/Zack/Zak/Zac/whatever, when said in Russian, means "a person that has lived behind bars for a long time". So. Yeah.

I haven't thought about it TOO much. But the only names I can really think of are Mark for a boy and Lisa for a girl.

Any suggestions for names you think might be good?
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okay so second post of the night haha.

my name was unique at the time i was born.

but its now becoming more and more popular.

but i always get compliments on my name.

my name is shayla marie.

i used to hate it, but now i love it.
i dont know anyone with my name.
and i like it that way. :)

if you wanna comment on it, be my guest.
just dont be too harsh, please.

hiiii :)

Apr. 30th, 2007 01:35 am
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hi all.

glad they spotlighted this community.
i just Loveee names.

not planning on having kids ANY time soon, but i've had a million picked out since forever ago.

my name is Talitha Lynn. it's from the Bible. Mark 5:41, to be exact.
i was born at 5:41 in the morning, and my dad's name is Mark.

& the name was picked out ahead of time,
so it was pretty cool. :)

anyway, here's my list of names.


- !! Delia. if i had to change my name, i'd probably pick that. i'm not sure what for a middle name, though. any ideasss??
- Dahlia is pretty, too.
- November Rain. everybody makes fun of me for this one but i think it's absolutely gorgeousss.
- i think even just Rain could be pretty as a first name. but i'd probably spell it with an "e" - Raine.
- i also like September.
- i think Cassie & Josy are cute.
- Emma. classic & maybe popular, but this will always be a great name. or even Emaline.


- absolutely Loveee the names Aiden & Jackson, but they're both becoming way overused, unfortunately. :(
- i think Isaac's really cute, too. it's my boyfriend's name.
- Colby. i can definitely see naming my son this. also, it doesn't seem like someone named Colby could ever be mean. it just seems like a sweet boy's name.

i have a lotttt more, but it's almost 2 in the morning, and my brain is going into shut-down mode.
more later. feel free to comment. :) goodnight.
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glorious onomasticians!

i beseech you to come together and share with me the most ridiculously awesome and kitsch stage names you can think of*.

we're talking along the lines of nikki sixx, johnny thunders, kiki dee, dickie valentine, etc.

why? because it's fun. and also because i have a fear of rejection. i'm working on it.

*names you've made up yourself or names that exist already. either is fine.
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i also think Catastrophe (Katastrofe? Katastrophe?) would be really pretty.

but possibly a little mean. 
GORGEOUS, but i wouldn't want my daughter to hate me forever.
& it would be an easy target for ex-boyfriends, etc.

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After watching this community yesterday, I made my boyfriend talk about baby names with me. Now, my name is pretty unique - I'm K'lyssa Elise (Cuh-Liss-Uh Uh-Lease) and he's Martin Lee.

I've always had a list of names that I just had to name my children, but we actually agreed on four names last night.

Derek Lee
Noah Martin or Christopher/Blake Martin

Nataleigh Elise
Emmaleigh Jade

What do you guys think?

last name

Apr. 30th, 2007 07:16 am
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weve agreed on the name Noelle Jade but I'm thinking it might be best to hyphinate(sp?) my last name....moss in the picture.
Noelle Jade Moss Clemens does sound like green moss....but thats the last names....and Noelle Jade Clemens Moss i guess doesnt sound to bad...ideas, opinions.
I dont want to leave her dads last name out of the picture unless we do decide to get married in the future but if we dont what would be the point in giving her his last name? yes i know thats his kid and all but other then that.
opinions, thoughts please
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I posted this morning with the names my boyfriend and I came up with the other day - and I definitely appreciated the feedback, although I was disappointed to see someone comment on how they didn't like my name. I know it's weird (K'lyssa Elise), but I didn't pick it and I don't want to hear about how it irks you! =P

I found a list of names I liked when I was 12..and I thought it was funny to see how different my taste is now. Keep in mind, I don't like any of these names anymore - the names of my children will be (for now, anyway) Derek Lee, Noah Martin, Natilee Elise, and Emmaleigh Jade or Lilly Grace. Anyway, here's the list of names I used to like.

Emma Hermione
Charisma Cheyenne
Bryannah Faith
Jaylee Brooke
Alexa Brynn
Kyleigh Elizabeth
Jazzlynn Andrea
Jaelinn Dannielle
Alexandrea Rose
Carlee Faith
Ashlynn McKenzie
McKennah Rose
Brennon Cole
Rupert Michael
Preston Heath
Daniel Torian
Emerson Jaymz
Zacary Damien

Newbie! XD

Apr. 30th, 2007 09:29 am
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Hello! I just joined since I've been browsing this community ever time I see it on the main page. XD so why not join and get it over with!

My name is Ashleigh Genine. My parents liked the name Ashleigh but wanted it to be different, I really love it! <3 It's fun being unique and I'm used to just going, "It's Ashleigh, A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H." now, when I was a kid I didn't do that and my name got misspelled a lot. even sometimes my teachers would spell it wrong, and I'd just go and fix it if it was in a publicly seen place.

Genine however was fished out of a book apparently, "The White Plague". Genine was a surviver at least. XD so I'm all good.

So, in the eventuality that I will be having kids, and if things go right it should be in a year or two, I'd think, I obviously think about names for children! :O but I never think of Middles. me and my boyfriend have said we would hyphenate our last names as Wiles-LeBlanc, so it'd have to go with that too. and I only have 3 names! 1 Girl and 2 boys, since I don't poke around at names for children often, just characters. XD

So, they are:

Nina for a girl
Deacon or Richard for a boy.

What do you think? and any middle name suggestions?


Apr. 30th, 2007 10:00 am
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Hey there, the name's Kimberly Marie (original, is it not?) Not with child or anything, but I keep a list of baby names for "future reference", I suppose you could call it. I started it after I lost my dream girl's name (Autumn Elizabeth) to my sister-in-law and my mother refused to have 2 granddaughters named Autumn. Boo.

not too long, but better safe than sorry )

Nothing special, just some names I stumbled across and happened to like.
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I work as a church secretary, so eventually I'll come across a badly spelled name or two, but so far there hasn't been anything too horrible. However, this week someone filled out a visitor's card and their two kids are named Stormi (8) and Shadie (5). I have no idea what the genders are. At first I thought it was a joke and asked the pastor. But, alas, it is no joke. Poor kids.
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I would love to get some feedback on the name Varekai for a boy's name. I fell in love with this name after seeing the Cirque du Soleil show. It means 'wherever" in Romany. Also if you have any suggestions for middle names to go with it that would be great.
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Hi. I'm Amy Laurel, and here's the names I like for my future kids.. Thing is, my boyfriend said I can pick the first names and he pick the middle names.  So this might complicate things when we do have kids lol.

Joseph Alexander (Joey or Joe)
Alexander Michael (Alex)
Elijah James
Lucas Elijah (Luca or Luke)
Aaron Michael
Anthony Luke (Tony or Anto)
Jairus Michael

Joseph and Elijah are my absolute favorites 

Cairo Alexis (thought of this one the other day.. oh how my mom would hate this)
Arielle Grace (first name after my sister, middle cause it sounds good)
Hannah Alissa
Naomi Adalia
Rebekah Catherine
Nyle Kienna (an all-time favorite but my mom has made many a threat if I named my daughter this)
Azaela Lynn (Azzy?)
Sarah Rose
Soraya Grace
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Okay, my first entry made no sense. I apologize. I was havin a weird day and whatever.

For girls I like the names Sarabeth and Carmen.

For guys I have a bunch. My favorite is Manuel Jude.


Apr. 30th, 2007 12:18 pm
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So even though I hardly ever use my personal LJ, I was really excited to see this on the spotlight because I never knew anyone else that looked into/ though about names the way I do :) I really love girl names with boyish nicknames - I think they're cute. One of my favorite names ever was a girl I knew in highschool, Bradleigh Jo, of course I wouldn't name my kid after her or anything. P.S. if anyone likes looking up meanings, BehindtheName.com is really good. But anyhow, just to share, some names and combinations:

Felicity - "happiness" (and yeah, I hate that there was a TV show with this name)
Riley - "rye clearing" "valiant"
Roslyn or Rosaline - Shakespearean name, means "beautiful rose"
Capulet - just because it's Juliet's last name, and it's pretty (for a middle name)
Cadence - "rhythm" or "flow"
Charlotte "Charlie" - petite, feminine
Ava, Avian - "bird"
Rhian (pronounced like Ryan)- "magic maiden"
Bianca - "white"
Sophie - "wise"

Charlotte "Charlie" Rosaline
Cadence Felicity
Bianca Rhian
Bianca Avian
Bianca Rosaline
Sophie Avian

Toby, (short for Tobias MAYBE)- "God is good."
Cruz - "cross"
Bennet - "blessed"
Eli - "elevated"
Nolan - "noble"
Gavin - "white hawk"
Leo - "lion"

Tobias or Toby Cruz
Leo Nolan
Gavin Eli
or I'd probably have to incorporate John somewhere as a middle names because its a family name for my boyfriend
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Firstly, my name is Shandra Lynne.  And I love it.  Shandra is not common at all, and the spelling of Lynne is just different enough for me.  Anywho.  On to my favorite names...  I don't plan on having children for at least a few more years, but like all of you, I love names, and have always had a list.

Kendra Nicole
Aurora Natalie
Taryn Renae (thoughts on the spelling of Renae?  I love the name, but don't really like the normal spelling.)
Tessa (can't come up with a middle name)

Timothy Burke
Neil Thomas
Silas Kenneth
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How is the name Maeve pronounced?
I've googled for it, but I found many different versions :/

If by any chance it were pronounced May-eve, then I'd use it on a baby born on a May eve (lame, maybe? :P)
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Hello :)

I just wanted to share my daughter's name... Rowan Morgana.
Rowan is a type of tree common in both Celtic and Scandinavian mythos, which were the two main sources of name-inspiration for us. Funny how that worked out... and I could call her Red Rowan Berry, hehe XD

Morgana was originally supposed to be her first name till someone else used Morgan. Originally, the reference was to the book Mists of Avalon, which had a part in bringing her father and myself together...but evolved into including the Welsh meaning "child of the sea" or something similar, that's my fav interpretation :) which made sense cause she was made and born less than 3 blocks from the ocean *grin*

For the future, my boy's name is Devlin, mn possibly James. and a girl's name is Fianna (fi-ANA) which I like for the mix of Fiona and Fiama (little fire, or some such, in Italian)
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I have a whole collection of names I love, but would never give to a human being, whether it's because they're too archaic or flowery or just plain strange. Names better left for pets, fictional characters or inanimate objects. :) 

An asterisk denotes that I would maybe consider them for a child of my own. Although by the time I have kids names will probably be obsolete and we'll all go by numbers. In which case, I think 5578912 is a really pretty combination.

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Which you know always has the best names and this baby's name is Knoa (Noah).... Seriously?!?! Is there something I'm missing b/c I seriously think this sucks!
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What do you think of Azalea for a girl? I like it because it references traditional flower names for girls like Rose but is more original.
It also has Lee or Lea as good 'normal' nicknames if the kid prefers. Can you think of any more possible nicknames?
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I have about frigging had it! If you do not follow the rules and get banned, do not make/and or use an old journal to troll, pretend to be someone else, and complain about the rules. If you don't like the way something is going in here, I have CONVENIENTLY provided you with a link on the user info page to my personal e-mail that I check every 10 minutes. Some of you like to complain about this post, that comment, this rule, but I have YET to receive an actual e-mail about anything. I cannot read every single freaking comment that comes through here, especially not with people posting 2 entries per minutes. I am good, but have yet to reach omniscient status.

If you fail to e-mail me about an incident or concern, then don't go complaining, you lost the right. I can and will handle it as soon as possible if you LET ME KNOW what's going on. Do not come on here whining and complaining without trying to do something about it first. I am only one busy woman with a job and a family. Frankly, if you can't manage to get off your tush and let me know about an incident instead of whining, then just leave, you will certainly not be missed.

Lastly, it's just totally inappropriate to come into my personal journal, stalk me, and then throw out rude insults regarding my defenseless child when you want to throw a tantrum and don't get your way, and then demand I re-think a ban. This will certainly will not get you unbanned, but reported to LJ Abuse. When you're run out of supportive information for your argument and feel the need to stalk someone personally just so you can have something to fuel some low (and not really creative) pot-shots, it's time to log off and go do something useful with your life.
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So my boyfriend and I are planning on having kids in a few years.  If we have a son, we already have the completed name: Henry Charles.  Henry is just a name I love, but partly after Henry Rollins and Hank Williams.  Charles is his dad's name.  I just think that it is a really masculine and sturdy name.
We already have a girl's first name picked out, Freya (pronounced Fray-ah).  Freya was a Norse godess.  For the middle name, I'm torn between Catherine, which is my middle name, my aunt's middle name, and my grandmother Jessie (on my father's side) middle name.  The other name I think goes really well with it is Angèlique.  Does anyone have a preference?  Which goes together better, Freya Catherine or Freya Angèlique?
Its sort of strange though, but if we have a second daughter, I already have her whole name: Ophelia Zilpha.  I love the name Ophelia, and Zilpha was my grandmother Sabra's (on my mother's side) middle name.  Does anyone know what is means? I've tried looking it up everywhere, but it is such an old Hebrew name that it is hard to find.
So if anyone has any feedback on what goes better with Freya or what Zilpha means, that would be great.  :0)
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Firstly I'm due with our third baby in early december, but will most likely deliver pretty close to christmas. Anyway keeping this in mind I've come up with the name Sophia Noelle if the baby is a girl. Sophia because I think it's pretty and Noelle for the time she will be born and my husband's middle name is Noel.

Secondly I'm completely and utterly stuck for a boy's name, I don't want anything too popular or too uneek! My husband wants Timothy William or William Anthony but I'm not entirely keen on either. The only name that I semi like is Oliver. So opinions or suggestions are more than welcome.

P.S I'm already a mother to two girls, Kaitlyn Georgia and Alannah Jane feel free to comment on these too:)


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:19 pm
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Hello! I'm new here, but I recently found out that I was pregnant (yay), so I figured this was a great group to join. I wanted some feedback/suggestions. If we have a boy we already have the name picked out: John Russell (after my husband). For girls names I have a few first names I like, but would like some input, also some suggestions for middle names. Thanks!

My list:


Thanks again.
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im new to the community and joined to share the name my husband and i have selected for our baby boy, due this august.

we have one daughter already who's name is marin elizabeth.

marin (muh-RIN not MARE-in) means "from/of the sea" and elizabeth is my sister's name

the boy will be called ocean white.

ocean just because it is beautiful, and white because it is the meaning of both my husband's and my dad's middle names...his dad's actual middle name is white, my dad's is albin...which means white, so we just chose to use white...

anyways, we're quite pleased.

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I am the proud parent of one baby girl by the name of Margaret Willow P.
Margaret: Origin Persia; Meaning; Child of Light
Willow: Origin ?; Meaning; Freedom, Tree
My husband and I had a deal if it were a boy he chose the name and a girl I had the girls. If Margaret would have born a little boy she would have been Alfred Zachary.
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So I posted some names I love but wouldn't actually give my children a few hours ago, here are just a few of the thousands I love and would give my children.



(I hope posting so shortly after my first post is okay. If it's not, just yell at me.)
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my name is samantha kris. and since both my first and middle name meanings deal with God (samantha- derived from samuel meaning God's listener & kris- derived from christian meaning God's follower) i have decided on the name shaun for a boy since it means "God is gracious." the only problem is finding a nice girl name. i like REALLY REALLY GIRLY names and am personally fond of the kate (pure) but would like opinions on these names and suggestions for God-related girly names.. anyone?

wow long entry!


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:41 pm
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So as many others, i joined this community 'cause i noticed it in LJ's spotlight :)
And as many others, i don't planning on having children anytime soon, (actually ever...) but i totally love names! I have couple of girls names, but nothing to boys :( I love Celtic names and names that mean something (Not Grace or Hope or anything, but like Gabriel and stuff [probably not that one...]). Anu those kind of suggestions for boys?

Fehr me girls:
Freya (love it, absolutely)
Syke (this is finnish and means pulse in english. I know, no-one understands me in this one, but i LOVE IT. And i'd totally love if i had an y on my own name...)
Aava (finnish again, means open, but in nature. When something is aava in finnish, it's like you are in a steppe(?).)
Unni (finnish, i know. Should be said as 'Y-nne'

More Celtic stuff, please?
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I was recently expecting but I miscarried in late March.
I just wanted to share my little one's could have been names, let me know what you think!

Isaia James
Sidian Isaac
Micha Nolan

Scout Delia
Kemper Vivi-anne
Delnariah War
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I am new here, and I am three months pregnant. My husband and I have started discussing names -- this is our first child.

Has anyone run across this name before: Avanelle

Avanelle was my grandmother's first name, and we are considering it for a daughter. I've have only ever heard it a few other times in my life. I love the uniqueness, on the other hand, I worry about using such an obscure name. My husband and I both have quite common names, which I have found annoying at times. I would love to get some feedback on this name, and any possible references to it that anyone has heard of.

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Hi there!

I'm new as well. And just a bit over 20 weeks pregnant.
I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.
But I saw this community highlighted and thought I would run our names by here, just to get an outsiders opinion... or a few opinions. :) I think we're pretty set on them, but it's always nice to know what others think.

If it's a boy : Sam Alan. ( We've always been fond of the name Sam, just Sam. And Alan is a family name on his side. I've grown attatched to it after finding out it means handsome and cheerful. Both things I wouldn't mind looking forward to in a baby boy.)

And if it's a girl : Eden Anne. ( Anne coming from my Grandmother. And Eden... to be honest, I'm not sure why. Just a thought that stuck. )

*I'll post tomorrow to let you know if it's an Eden or a Sam. :)
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 I will point out that I'm 17 and not planning on having children for a while. But I've always liked playing around with names and finding ones with a "ring" to it. I also prefer unusual or meaningful names since I find mine so boring. (My first name is Catherine and people always spell it with a "K" even after they've known me for years and Elizabeth is my middle names, along with a slew of other girls in my school) And definitely not something that fits very well with a rambunctious little girl. I picked up the nickname "Cat" in the 4th grade and am still using it

Recently I've Become infatuated with these names

Maeve-Girl's first name

Clover -Girls middle name

Aiden Luck - not luck-y , just luck

Loki-boy, either first or middle (or maybe just a really mischievous puppy ; ] )

I'd really like to name my kids something that'll stand out that people will remember, but that is still easy to spell.

I like certain names from Mythology and Books and my boyfriend like older, classical names like Ulysses.

Can anyone think of other names along those veins? maybe something to complete the sets?
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I'll be short and sweet... I am planning on naming my first born daughter Catherine Elizabeth and suddenly I fell in love with the name too and now people call me Cathy.
I have the first name down (for me) but which is your pick?

-Catherine Elyse (it flows and sounds very femenine)
-Catherine Leigh (yes, I know this is the name of a character in a well known book)
-Catherine Marie (I love this, it's so delicate)
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So, I'm not currently pregnant, but we've mentioned names before. I like the more common names. 

Our first son is going to be after him, Theodore Daniel (the third). He likes Michelle for a girl, but I really don't like that name. I kind of like Faith Elizabeth or even Jane (haven't thought of a middle for that one). For another son, I like James as a first, and maybe David (my father) as a middle. Thoughts?

Also, for a female collie (yep, a dog!) I like Annie and Nellie. Ideas (even if it's a little off the wall :-P) 



Apr. 30th, 2007 04:39 pm
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So, another newbie thanks to the spotlight.

I am not, and hopefully will not be pregnant any time soon, but I've had my "list" picked out for years. It's gone through some changes, but not many. I tend to go with fairly normal names, with a couple of exceptions.

-Caroline Paige or Caroline Renae (the Paige would be after my late Aunt, and no one would be allowed to call her "Carrie".)
-Harper Elaine (I know it's cliche, and used...but I'd call her Scout....)
-Eleanor Christine ("Ellie")
-Lydia Suzanne (I love both names, and like how they sound together, and Suzanne would also be after my late aunt)

and then I love "Faye" and "Rayley" but I dunno what they'd go with....

-Noah Cade (I love Noah, and got Cade from "Cade Calvert" in Gone with the Wind the first time I read it, I just fell in love with the name)
-Elijah James (James being a family name)
-Parker James (again with the James)
-Cody William (another family name)

so that's pretty much my list. There are some that float on and off of the list but those have stayed pretty standard.
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I'm Eleanor, and I love my name. I also love clasically beautiful French, English and Scandinavian girls' names; I absolutely despise gimmicky, cheesy and poorly spelled names. This is a list of my current favourites:

- Freya
- Anika
- Elise
- Lilian
- Tamsin
- Sabine

I'm not really into boys' names at the moment, although I like Lachlan and Lucas because they belong to people I know.


Apr. 30th, 2007 04:44 pm
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New here... I've always loved names, in large part, I think, because I love writing and of course you need to be able to come up with character names. Anyway...

My legal first name is Meaghan, but the Mea is pronounced like the month of May. Oh my God, this has caused me no end of headaches in my short life. It's an old Gaelic name, it's hard to even find it on baby name sites, and I've never seen it in a book. My mother picked it in honor of her grandmother, who was called Maggie and was an Irish immigrent. So I've always been called Maggie by everyone who knows me at all, and Megan by people trying to read my name off of an attendance sheet or an appointment book. Seriously, I'm eighteen-years-old, and not one single person in my life has pronounced my first name right on the first try.

So Meaghan Christine, Maggie for short. I don't really know how I feel about my full name, it's not something I would have chosen, I suppose. And I've always been the only Maggie under 80 -- well, that's not true, people love to tell me about their dogs and cats named Maggie. There are two thousand kids at my high school, and out of them all, there is one other Maggie. I have actually had two classes with her, which were the only times in my life I've had to be Maggie L. as opposed to just Maggie, so I guess there's one positive to having a unique name...
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Hi, I'm new and just want to say I am so glad I found this community!
I am almost in my third month of pregnancy with my third child and I am stumped on a boy's name!

This baby will be born via C-Section on Halloween this year, so my husband and I were trying to think of some Halloween or fall type names.
For a girl we came up with Autumn Michelle.
For a boy we are clueless.
Any help with a boy's name would be appreciated. :)

Like I said, we do have 2 other children.
Our oldest is a girl and her name is Bailey Nichole (old names from my side)
The 2nd is a boy and he is named Kevin Anthony (Named after hubby's best friend and hubby).
Thanks for reading! :)
[identity profile] lightgreendryad.livejournal.com
A mere curiosity: Are there any male members of this community? I've recently discovered it, and all the voices I've read so far seem to be female.
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/--1976---/
I'm always a bit curious as to people's reactions to different names, so I was just wondering about everyone's opinions on a couple.

Thoughts on the name Owen for a girl? I know it's masculine, but for some reason, I can imagine a little blonde girl with that name. And, although it may be crossing the line into kr8tyve, Declan spelled as Deklyn? I love the original, normal spelling, but when I first heard it, I wrote it down as the latter and it sort of grew on me.

Also, is anyone familiar with the name Chaon (pronounced "shawn", I think)? My friend was talking about it the other day; she said it was Gaelic and I was just very curious...
[identity profile] monalyssasmile.livejournal.com
I have this weird love for red hair and I was thinking why not look at names that have a meaning of red haired or red headed or even just red. What do you think of these that I found? Any others you can think of?  these are what some websites told me, some were under boys names but to me they are girls names and vice versa.

[identity profile] onexofxme.livejournal.com
I remembered I have a long list of names form Books that I liked. I've got one for boys and one for Girls

[identity profile] ibrokeurheart.livejournal.com
hey, I just joined and thought I'd share my top names

baby names )


Apr. 30th, 2007 06:09 pm
[identity profile] tri-sara-tops.livejournal.com
I love the names,

Lucille Lux (Nickname being Lux, I love that name but don't want to make it her first name in case she hates it.)
Louisa Elizabeth (Nickname being Weeza, very southern, but I like it. Louise is a long family name and I would like to carry it on in one way or another)
Xavier David (I would pronoucne Xavier with a long Exxx sound. David is also a family name)

What do you think?

xoxo Sara Louise
[identity profile] serenebean.livejournal.com
Hello! Another drawn-by-the-spotlight newbie here. :) I actually never plan to have kids, but I've always really loved names. Mine is Theresa Christine, named for a great-grandmother. My only real complaint about it is when people ask if I go by Terri. >.< Some people can do Terri; I most definitely CANNOT.

Anyway, this is my list of favorites. Obviously, no kids = no real use, but I'll probably end up using them as pet names at some point. I love rats, lol. :D

The list! )


Apr. 30th, 2007 07:34 pm
[identity profile] glittersoresxx.livejournal.com
hi. im new. XD. And I wanted to contribute to the lists of names. :].
I don't think these are anything super special just yet.
But I don't think they'd hurt either. (?)
Idk. Ive probably already made an idoit of myself.
Anyway it goes something like this:

For girls:

(first and middle names)

Stella Grace

Lyrica Renee

Roberta Rae ( a bit of alliteration. >_< )

Hilary-Fae ( oh god. Now they're starting to rhyme )

- Violet or Vylet

-Eveyln ( maybe )

For Boys:


Malachi ( pronounced like mal - eh - ki ... no ch )

and thats all ive got.
Feedback would be splendid.
:]. Please. :]].


Apr. 30th, 2007 07:43 pm
[identity profile] blahdy-blah.livejournal.com
Hi all!
I'm new! My name is Kirby. I'm still not sure whether or not I like the name. I think I do. It has a boring meaning though, I mean really: from the village with a church. Not exactly deep. I still find it weird hearing guys with the name Kirby.

On to my favourite names.

Olly (short for Oliver)


I also love a lot of the traditionaly more old fashioned names for girls that seem to be having a comeback lately.
[identity profile] corielcries.livejournal.com
In honor of all the new members, list your top ten names for each gender (combos if you are so inclinded). Post away!
[identity profile] vacantseas.livejournal.com
sooo i'm 11 weeks pregnant, and i already(kind of) have names picked out.

if it's a girl she will for sure be:
Story Dahlia

as for a boy we both like:
Elias Cash

i need better boy names, since i'm convinced that's what we're having.


Apr. 30th, 2007 07:58 pm
[identity profile] occasusvenustas.livejournal.com
I'm due in 41 days... begin what feels like the ETERNAL countdown until she arrives.

I didn't have much trouble with my ex husband in picking out the names of my first two (Christian David and Isabella Esuna *HE picked Esuna, I'm still not fond of it*)

But with my new one dad and I are not so... how shall I say... co-ordinated? Or like minded, even? So far, after months of rowing, we've come up with a mutual like for the name Adia.

But now I'm at a complete loss for a middle name. The name I had originally wanted for her is Claire Christine (after my grandmother) but it got a big fat ZERO in his book.

Long story short, any suggestions for middle names? Preferably something she won't have to constantly spell and explain the origin.

[identity profile] goodbye-girl05.livejournal.com
I'm one of those who stumbled here by the spotlight, but some of the names I've read are absolutely beautiful!! I'll start off by introducing myself: My name is Kimothee Louise Kaimilani. Kimothee is an old friend of the family, Louise a traiditonal name in my family and Kaimilani (ka-ee-mee-la-knee) is Hawai'ian translated to "one who searches for Heaven and righetousness". I went by Kimmy for a very long time until I started dating my current boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have talked of children many times for our future, and here's our list:

[identity profile] mishi-ragdoll.livejournal.com

Well, I know I don't want any babies, but i love them for sure.  Here are just a few names that I would want if i ever had a baby.

-Vincent [i guess from these names you can tell im an art fan]

[identity profile] shelby-south.livejournal.com
I'm another newbie due to the spotlight and like all the others i don't have plans to have kids anytime soon but I do have my list of names. I come from a family who named all the kids with S's (I'm Shelby Ryan, My 2 Cousins are Shannon Gabrielle and Sean Patrick) although I don't think it was on purpose but I love it so I will probably keep that tradition and hopefully my cousins will too.

My Favorite Girl Names are:


My Favorite Boys Names Are:


I'm really into names that can be both genders- ex. Skylar, Shannon, Shayne I love those types of names. Any suggestions for middle names would be greatly appreciated. Those don't have to be S's as you can see ours arent.


Apr. 30th, 2007 08:17 pm
[identity profile] jlai24.livejournal.com
my late grandmother's name was pearl, and i always knew i wanted to name my daughter, if i have one, after her. i was wondering how to say "pearl" in other languages, that could potentially be good names, because i had never considered it before. thanks :)


Apr. 30th, 2007 08:21 pm
[identity profile] crzyascanb.livejournal.com

Just a few names from my family and that I just like that I thought Id share! Comments are welcome...

Names! )
My family names:
Blaise Joseph (my brother's name)
Brice Charles (other brother)
Amber Lee (Me)
Macie Caroline (my neice)
Alyson Elizabeth (other neice)

Other Names:
Hudson Blaise (This is the boy named my brother/sis-in-law had picked out if their child would've been a boy)
Mercedes (Girl name I like(d))
Rae (girl)
Shayne (girl)
Kali (girl)
Keagen (girl)
Sadie (girl)
Ryan (girl)
Harley/Harlee (girl)
McKenna (girl)
Carter (boy)
Parker (either)
Jude (boy)
Jace (boy)
Ryland (boy)
Cannon (boy)
Denver (boy)
Kai (boy)
Weston (boy)
Cullen (boy)

As you can probably tell I like boys names better lol.
That's all I can think of at the moment..

[identity profile] angelterese.livejournal.com
Ok, so my husband and I have been arguing about baby names since before we were married. Lol. Now, we're not having kids in the immediate future, but hopefully within the next year or so. I want four, and all out of diapers by the time I'm 35 (i'm 23 now), so I've got to start sometime soon!

Here are a list of my favorite names, some my husband loves, some he hates.

Hayley Jane (top pick for our first girl)
Madison (very likely for a second girl)
Annabelle (Belle for short)

Parker Reese (top pick for our first boy)
Gabryel Zachary (i'm still working on this for our second boy, but he thinks Gabryel is too girly, so we may just do Gabe)
Caleb (my dad threatens the ICKY nickname Cal, so I just can't use it but I love it anyway!)
Mackenzie (I know it's on both lists, but Mack is such a great nickname for a boy)

Anyway, there's my list! :)
[identity profile] speedlikeshoom.livejournal.com
Hi, I'm new here...

I've been planning the names of my children for awhile, so here's what I have:


Sam (for secret agent man)
James Danger
[identity profile] susanabanana.livejournal.com
I have two babies already, well they aren't so much babies as they are toddlers. lol my son is jakob andrew and my daughter is riley jade. my ex husband and i came up with those names very quick and decided we loved them.

my boyfriend and i now are a different story. we dont have any kids together but we def. want to have some. he's very very picky. he doesn't want something to out there and yet he doesn't want something that everyone else has.

it took a while but we came up with two girl names, elli marie and sophia grace.

as for boys, he is way way picky! the only thing we can agree on for boys is the middle name, david. after our dad's.

what do you guys think goes well with david as a middle name?

[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/-hamstersgorawr/
Hi everyone!
Here's the names I really like, though most of them are French (I am too tee hee hee)
So yeah, they might be weird for you, but still sharing them! :D

1. Laurent  (Best name ever, I want a little boy now xD)
2. Charles
3. Emmanuel
4. Benjamin
5. Jesse
6. Tristan
7. Edouard

1. Emmanuelle
2. Magalie
3. Charlotte
4. Coralie
5. Marianne
6. Dorothée

[identity profile] jessickah.livejournal.com
Introduction post. My name is Jessica, the most overused name ever. In my math class there was three Jessica's and by accident we had sat all in a row. Because of my not so unique name I compiled a list of names I adore and seem just different. Mostly of German origin. I can't help myself, I found a lot of beautiful names. And then there are some of French origin. Though, I suppose there is the possibility of these being over used in Germany and France but I figure my children will be staying in the good ol' USA.


My favorite is Ulrike. And the nick name would be Uli. It's just adorable.

[identity profile] jesus--suburbia.livejournal.com
Hi guys.
My name is Ember Marie.
I like the name Ember and like the name Marie, but not together. Some of my favorite names:

Michael Ryan
Christopher Lee

[identity profile] chibiaichan.livejournal.com
wow, so i'm not a weirdo o.o lol. I love names and what not.. i'm not planning on children anytime too soon but hopefully eventually. I work in a child care so i come across LOTS of names. My name is Daniele Lynn. Daniele because my grandma liked that name, spelling and all (got it from a soap opera) and Lynn from my Aunt Linda. Also I am a twin and my mom didn't know this until we were born, so i dunno which name was improvised, because my sister's name is Stacy Jean (Jean after my moms mom). Anyways... Here are some that I like (not just from the kids at work but my own ideas as well):

Hannah Renee (my fav)
Andrea Rose (i know a lil girl with this name but i love it)
Savannah Michelle (two of my friends names)

Sean Michael (my husbands name is Sean, and his uncle's name is Michael)
Sean Robert (Again, my husband's name, and my grandpa's name)
Evan (which i can't *really* use since my cousin named his son Evan)
Adrian (I have always loved this name.. dunno why, just love the way it sounds i guess)

Boys names i think are harder to come up with... plus i think it's hard cuz i feel like i'm on the spot lol. Maybe i'll come up with more late =) As you can see.. i like just run of the mill names. Guess I'm kinda dull that way..heh
[identity profile] emilyintheglass.livejournal.com
Hello! I'm Kristen, mother to 2 year-old Camille Elisabeth. Here are some of my favorite names:


[identity profile] babyjess8.livejournal.com
hi all... i'm a long-time poster but will introduce myself to the newcomers.

my name is Jessica Maree. Yes, a child of the 80's. I used to hate my nfirst ame but have recently come to love it. It's girly, flirty and fun. Plus, it's easy to shorten (I go by Jess, I passionately HATE Jessie). Maree is my mother's middle name too and as much as I don't really like it my first daughter will probably get it as her third name.  Yes, I plan on giving my children three names - one from each side of the family (mine and the father) plus a unique name. When they grow up they can choose which name to go by.

My current list comprises of:

Kenneth nn Kenny - after my grandfather. I hope to give him either his father's middle name or paternal grandfathers name, plus a more popular/common name.

Asher - I have loved this name for a very very long time and I hate that it has become so popular!

Lucas - I like this name, even though it is becoming popular. I'd have a hard time calling him Luke, but would consider 'Lucky' as a nickname.

Some middle name options: Evan, Hamish, Thomas, Ryan, James, Francis, Daniel, Xaviar, Alexander

Isabella - my boyfriend suggested this once as a first name and I have come to really love it. I was planning to use as a second name, but I think my first daughter will be names Isabella Caitlin Maree if I get my own way!

Alexis or Alexa - again, another long time favourite name. Even though Alexis is traditionally a male name, I still think it sounds beautiful as a girls name, especially with a very feminine second name

Milla - I may have made this up... not sure. I am also considering Millana or Milliana as I think they sound very girly and have an endless list of nicknames

Some middle name options: Grace, Rose, Lily, Ruby, Francesca, Georgia, Elizabeth (yes, I like old fashioned girl names!)

I would greatly appreciate any name combinations you like as well as opinions on these names.
[identity profile] simply-shine.livejournal.com
Now, I don't know why but I have a "I love it but I'm worried my son will be made fun of" relationship with the name Ezekiel (pronounced: ee ZEEK yul, meaning: "God will strengthen") -

maybe it's because it's more than likely he will have the nick name "Zeke" and that rhymes with "Geek" or maybe this is more of the sleep deprivation talking XD but what do you all think?

I was thinking along the lines of Ezekiel Cian... (pronounced altogether ee-ZEEK-yul KEE-an)
a not so common combo, but hopefully not down right out there
[identity profile] chibiaichan.livejournal.com
I also like the name Leilana, it's Hawaiian i believe. It was a name of  a little girl i used to watch at another child care i used to work at. ^^* Yeah, not only do i like names, but i think the kids are pretty fun too hehe


Apr. 30th, 2007 10:23 pm
[identity profile] laurynbrook.livejournal.com
I'm new. My name is Lauryn Brook. My mom left the "e" off of both of my names because there is an added "e" in hers. Her name is spelled Nancey. Overall I really like my name. I haven't always but I do now. My husband's name is Alvin Randolph Johnson the 2nd (what a name right?) but he goes by Randy. I got pregnant summer of 05 and I was due on April 5th, 2006. Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage. We where going to name our little girl Olivia Jaymes. I've always loved the name James for a girl (it means love in french). I love baby names. I write stories a lot so I'm always looking for new names. When Randy and I get pregnant again these are the names I am going with.


Fairy Isabella (Fairy is his grandmothers name, but the baby will go by Bella)

LillyAnn Olivia (Ann is my grandmother's and 2 of my aunts middle names, Olivia of course is in honor of the baby we lost. She will go by Lilly but the name will be pronounce Lillian.)

If there is a 3rd girl her name will probably be Charlotte Reese (Reese after his mother and my aunt with are both named Teresa)


Oliver Jaymes

Andrew Ryan or Alexander Reece (to follow the ARJ intials but I'm not all that crazy about either one, I'd like something a little more .... different)

I have no other ideas for boy names and I'm not very fond of Alvin Randolph Johnson the 3rd. I'd love to find a variation of his name to use. My favorite name in the world he was not to fond of so we gave the name to our dog. His name is Sabastian Kenlee. I love if but again... not his cup of tea.
[identity profile] axel-of-evil.livejournal.com
Hello everyone, I'm new ^___^

my namelist )

I'm new

Apr. 30th, 2007 10:44 pm
[identity profile] americandiva.livejournal.com
Hi everyone. Just joined this community. My name is Shanna. I love my name, except when it is misprounounced. I pronoucne it like the name " Hannah" but with a S in front  of it basically.

Well I don't have any kids yet, but I plan to eventually. And when I do, these are my favorite names


Isabelle (with Izzy as a nickname)

Let me know what you think.
[identity profile] daadeedum.livejournal.com
what do you think of the name Carine/Karine? how would you pronounce it?
[identity profile] schexyschteve.livejournal.com
So I'm sure you've all heard of the Duggar family. They're from Arkansas and have 16 kids, with another on the way.

Dad: James Robert (Jim Bob)
Mom: Michelle
Joshua James, 18
Jana Marie, 17
John David, 17
Jill Michelle, 15
Jessa Lauren, 14
Jinger Nicole, 13
Joseph Garrett, 12
Josiah Matthew, 10
Joy Anna, 9
Jedidiah Robert, 8
Jeremiah Robert, 8
Jason Michael, 6
James Andrew, 5
Justin Samuel, 4
Jackson Levi, 2
Johannah Faith, 1

Overall, I think they're nice names. I think the entire J-theme is a little much, but it could be much worse.

New Here

Apr. 30th, 2007 11:19 pm
[identity profile] dana516.livejournal.com
Thought I would go ahead and share my favorite names and say hello to everyone, lots of comments are much appreciated!

Everett James
Emmeric Jude
Benedict Vaughn
Rowan Henry
Adrian Patrick

Lucinda Maren / Maren Lucinda (I really could go either way on this one)
Bianca Madelyn 
Alena Camille
Lia Evangeline
Cedar Lily

[identity profile] dosequisgirl.livejournal.com
Hi, my name is Andrea Ruschele.
I have little boy who will be turning three on May 22nd. His name is Damien Maddox.
My fiancé Jesse and I are planning for another baby soonish.
I thought I would share some of the names I like since there are so many new members now.

the list )
[identity profile] searlait.livejournal.com
Hello there,
I'm new. I know there's a giant wave of people joining but I just had to. I have been making lists of baby names since I was about eight years old. I've always loved names. I used to write a lot of fiction and I would always give them the strangest names (Oleander anyone?) I've since grown a bit.. and my friend had a baby. So now I'm thinking about babies. I want three. Plently of naming opportunities.

My list is underneath the jump. Mind you, I do realise that some of these names would get a lot of hate from a child, so it's just a list of names that I enjoy. I also come from a family with some not-so-common-names-at-the-time names, Savannah (me - 1987), Ian (my little brother - 1988), and Gwendolyn (my older half sister - 1977) so the stranger, the more comforting almost.

Girls )

I've been leaning very heavily towards Madeleine Ava Leigh. I am one of those people who is intrigued by letter combinations. 'Ei' is fun for my eyes. 'Gh' as well. I also like first and middle names to have a different ending sound. This is because my parents thought it would be fantastic to name me Savannah Anna.

I also like Madeleine Greer. I have no idea why I am so into Greer. It feels solid.

If I happen to have a second child, I was thinking of Audrey, preferred pronounciation 'aud-ree' instead of 'au-dree', but I can never come up with a nice middle name or two for that one. I also am very much in love with Cadence, Cambria, Imogen, Iris, Marina, Regan, and Ruby. I am one of those horrible girls who wants a child with a name they grow into.

Boys )

As you can see, I suffer from lack of interest in boy names, which is unfortunate due to the fact that I sort of want two boys and a girl. I would be happy with any combination, but that's the one that just fits in my head. I'm very partial to Gabriel, James, and West.

Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns? Tell me why Magnolia is a horrible choice. I know it is. But it just looks so pretty.
[identity profile] brikbrakattack.livejournal.com
Hi! My name is Elizabeth Ann Louise. All pretty common names, but I like the way they sound together. I especially love the name Elizabeth. But anyways...



I love picking new names though!!


Apr. 30th, 2007 11:46 pm
[identity profile] darkangeleyes19.livejournal.com
I may have posted this before but I can't remember we are naming our little girl due July 27th Allison but are having some problems. I say it alli-sin not alli-son. Should I change the spelling so that people don't mispronounce it? How do you say it? Her nickname will be Allie. Do you get what I am saying? Sometimes I think I don't make sense, which is understandable right now as it is 11:48pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. Thanks in advance. I hope I got my questions out that I wanted answered.


Apr. 30th, 2007 11:54 pm
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/__camy/
What decade does the name "Camyla Hope" fit into? Does it even have one?
I'd ask my mom but I was adopted...

Anyone have any ideas?
[identity profile] seksimaggie.livejournal.com
I worked at a Daycare Center, and there was a little girl there who was called Bella. Her full name was Barbara Isabella, Barbara after her mother and I'm not sure where Isabella came from. I loved that, though, because Bella is an adorable name for a little girl, but might not be taken too seriously when she grows up. Barbara, on the other hand, is a good professional name, but not so adorable on a little little girl. You know what I mean? So I thought I'd share I guess... Haha...

Oh wow... Is it spelled Barbara or Barbra? I can't remember all the sudden, neither really looks right... Goodness, I have an aunt named this and everything. I hate moments like this, haha.

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