Apr. 29th, 2007

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I'm only 19 so I'm obviously not planning on kids any time soon, but I love coming up with names to use!

Bryce (in memory of a manager who stood up in my defense, he was awesome)
Julian (my favorite character from a book)

Aria "my guiding star" (stolen from a previous post on this community!)
Maddy (Madeline)
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As our wedding date approaches, my fiance and I are starting to talk about baby names. We have three we like for girls: Ivy Josephine (my favorite), Astrid Gwyneth, and Tallulah Jane (his favorite.) Any thoughts on these? I like Ivy a lot, but he thinks it is too "old hippie-ish" (but Tallulah isn't?)
Also, for a boy, we both love Che, but are struggling with a middle name. We like Sebastian, Ezekiel, Elijah, Benjamin, Holden and Finch, but we are open to ideas!
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aww.  this community is such a cute idea!
my fiance and i [getting married in 3 months!] have been thinking about baby names a lot lately.  so far, this is what we've got:

yes, two middle names.  this one has a lot of stories behind it, though.  my best friend who passed away in high school's name was Caleb Charles, and my fiance's best friend [who is still living, thankfully!] also happens to be named Caleb Charles.  my fiance's grandfather's [who has passed away] name is Theodore.  This way, if we only have one boy, we cover all of our bases.  haha.
we wanted to stick with biblical names, and we both just like the name Isaac.  as far as the middle name, James, it follows a family tradition.  my great grandfather's name was Lloyd Arthur, my grandfather's name is Arthur Lloyd, my father's name is Kenneth Lloyd... my father never had a son, but his sister named her son James Kenneth, and so because James is the only other male in the family besides my dad, and because "James" sounds better than "Kenneth", and definitely better than "Lloyd", we would take his name and pass it down.

our girls' names don't really have stories behind them like our boys' names do.  they're just pretty sounding, biblical names.  all the girls will have flowers for middle names, though.
we know for sure we want Lily as a middle name for a girl, but we like both of these first names.  since i was 10 years old, I always said I wanted to have a daughter named Lily... but my cousin had to go ahead and have a daughter before me and steal my name!  so i'll concede to using it as a middle name. we like both of these names, but couldn't think of another flower that we liked as a middle name.  any suggestions?
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Hi. My name is Anne Marie, it's kinda uncommon.

I love names. I'm always thinking of names for characters, here are some.

- Auberlee (name my friend came up with and I fell in love with)
- Selena (big Catwoman fan)
- Autum Joyce (don't ask why because I really don't know.)
- Vivica (Jack Off Jill song.)
- Ziggy (as in Ziggy Stardust)
- Lucinda // Lucy (My great grandmother's name)
- Alice (Alice In Wonderland)
- Essie (don't know why, just not something I've heard alot)

- Vincent (old name, very beautiful.)
- Gabriel (old name, very beautiful.)
- Craven (I don't know why.)
- Andrei
- Shaya (Thanks to this community)
- Ziggy (as in Ziggy Stardust -God given ass-)
- Ichrius
- Niem
- Phoenix
-Jimmy (not James, Jimmy.)

Non Gendered:
- November
- October

And that's all for now ^_^
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I've always wanted kids, and I already have the perfect names planned out for them. I'll just list the names and a small explanation.

Ja'Aimawaina Qweef'dongdas: I feel that this is a very tribal, natural, and shamanistic name. I will designate this name to the little boy I plan on having because with such a liberal parent like myself, he's destined to become a hippy.

Chernobyl: If I have a girl, this will be her name. Because it'll probably be just like Chernobyl: an accident. It's my metaphorical way of saying "Hey, I'm the patriarch of teh household and I want a little boy to play ball with, not some girl who plays with barbies and my little ponies!". Plus, I can always pass it off as a name of Russian descent, which is true.

Leon: If I have a second boy, his name will be Leon named after officer Leon Kennedy from the Residnet Evil series. because Leon is cool and it just sounds neat. It's what i want to legally change my name to.

Haversine: This is a possibility for either a boy or a girl name. If I think the child is going to become the next Paul Erdos, this is what their name is going to be. The children are the future of our society, and we must push them to have an overbearing schedule with 2385702 AP classes, whip them into shape until they get a 36 on their ACT's, and disown them if they don't go to college and become the Linus Pauling or Enrico Fermi.

Onyxia: A girl name. It's a very powerful, motivating name that will strike fear into the hearts of my childs enemies.

Those are the main choices for now.

In all seriousness, even though I despise children and I never plan on having them, I still love to think of names for them. Here are some actual cool real names I would love to have.

Leon, Alexander, James, Thompson, and Ja'Aimawaina Qweef'dongdas. I am seriously going to legally change my name to Ja'Aimawaina Qweef'dongdas one day. As soon as I turn 18, bam. That's going to be on my liscense plate.
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yeah thanks for being in the spotlight AFTERR i have my baby =] i'm dana, and his dad's name is kenny. hayden jae was born on the 12th, so he is 17 days old. i don't really have a reason on why we picked hayden. but jae, we called him j when i was pregnant, because before we found out he was a boy, we wanted a girl and wanted to name her justice, after metallica's album '...and justice for all'. so before we found out, we called him j. and since he was a boy, we just kept calling him that instead of justice. and when it came to the time of actually naming him, the letter j just seemed weird, so we decided to spell it like that... yeahh.

want to see the bay beh? )


Apr. 29th, 2007 02:29 am
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This is a great comm! I have such an obsession with names, but I don't have any kids to name, so maybe I can give some ideas. I think I tend to like uncommon/odd names. I think they're unique *shrug*


1. Kyle - Okay, so this rather common, but I've always liked it.

2. Forsyth-Wolf - I just think it's neat.

3. Canyon - I think this sounds strong and brave. Or something. I like it even better combined, like Canyon-Stanton Stamford.

4. Stanton

5. Stamford - I like this and #4 by themselves, too.

6. Slade

7. Timber

8. Tandem

9. Michael - Common, but I like it still. Though I prefer weird spellings. Like Mikel or Mikhale.

10. Luke

11. Padgett

12. Soldier 

13. Camelot

14. Jacksonville-Dallas - I like the idea of naming after cities and states.

15. Prince - I like the simplicity of this. I think any of the names above would be even better combined, but there's just so many different combinations.

16. Eli - Aways loved this name. 


1. Solitude-Poncelot Independence - This is actually what I named my cat. In fact, I mostly name my pets what I would name my kids if I had any. It represents peacefulness, the name of a movie character, and the day she was born.

2. June-Leigh - I like these two names; even better combined.

3. Fauna-Jai - Same thing here. I love double and triple names.

4. Hollywood - It might be different, but I love the idea of naming after places.

5. Faith

6. Olivia

7. Tawny

8. Marilyn - It's not as common anymore, and it just sounds peaceful and sweet.

9. Junie

10. City

11. River

12. Arizona

13. Taffy 

14. Tabby

Again, all those could be combined somehow. I think combining them and giving long, unique first and middle names is just neat. *shrug*

.... That's all!

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I have two daughters - that's them in the icon, when the baby (now nearly a year old) had just got home from the hospital.

I'm a teacher. That means I have a pretty good idea what naming trends have been like for the last twenty or so years, since I've been teaching for eight years and started out in grade seven with twelve-year-olds. After teaching a grand total of eight Jessicas, seven Kyles, four Ryans, three Madisons, nine Sarahs, and three Jasmines, all of varying spellings, I had a few criteria in mind for names.

1) I didn't want a name that was on the top-ten list for my child's year of birth. I didn't want them to need to be known by a final initial all the way through school. It may happen anyway, and I'm okay with that, but I didn't want to practically assure it.

2) I didn't want a name of a child I'd taught. This was actually an impetus not to put off a family for too long, because the longer I taught, the more likely I was to eventually have a child with one of my favourite names in my class.

3) I wanted traditional names with traditional spellings. I can't tell you how many times I've spent an hour the week before the start of school, trying to track down last year's teacher so I could figure out how to pronounce a kid's name before they arrived. Y's do not HAVE to be vowels! Also, I wanted people to be able to spell a name with a fair degree of accuracy without my child having to spell it out every time. They'll have to do that with their last name, but I tried to make it so that wouldn't happen with their first.

4) I wanted to honour family members with my children's names, but I didn't want to give either of them a name that is still in use by someone living, so that meant using their middle names.

5) I wanted names that were pronounceable in both English and French, and didn't sound foreign in either. They're going to grow up speaking both languages, so it's important that they have names that can pass in either.

The names I came up with: Elizabeth Joyce, named for the middle names of both her grandmothers; and Claire Michelle. Claire I just loved, no one in my family has it, but my little sister's middle name is Michelle. They may have to point out Z's or AI when spelling it, but these are standard spellings, so they probably won't have to do more than that.

I don't know if we'll have another child. I'd like one, but they're very expensive, and our finances are in poor shape from being off work for two years out of the last four. But if we do, we've got an 80% chance of a third girl. I'm leaning toward Marion for a girl, or Arthur Christian for a boy. My little sister was very upset when she heard our boy's choice - she said it was an old man's name. She said she was going to nickname him Ace if that happened. I threatened her with never getting to see her nephew. Fortunately it didn't happen, and she'll have a few years to get used to the idea of a nephew named Arthur. The only other boy's name I really like just went to my other sister's baby - Nathaniel. Boy's names are harder than girl's.


Apr. 29th, 2007 08:37 am
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Like 200 other people, I joined after seeing this community featured on LJ's front page.

I am married and trying ( desperately) to conceive.
I have a boy's name already but won't reveal it until it belongs to a baby.
I'm having a much harder time with girls' names, which is not good, since I am trying for a girl.

I'm American and therefore paranoid, so I will only give you my first name which was Jennifer, the most popular girl's name of the 1970's in the US.
From that, you can surmise my age, more or less.

I am an old fashioned name person.
There are so many beautiful and elegant names that have fallen out of favor here in the states. Unfortunately, some of my favorites are very much back in favor ( like the top ten) so I need to find something else.
I grew up being one of 7 in a classroom and don't want to do that to my child.

Boy Favorites ( excluding my chosen names)

Girls Names I Like ( but still am not sure are "it")
Anais (I have no key for proper accents)
Sophie ( top 10)
Olivia ( topten)
Hannah ( top ten)
Arianna ( growing more popular)
Zofia (alternate Sophia spelling)

My husband likes old simple names like "Lily."
The smell of lilies makes me nauseaus, so we won't go there.

I have a very Germanic last name now, which kills the flowing "a" sounds that go with my Italian maiden name.
To throw a further wrench in the works, my maternal half of the family is Jewish and I would love to name from there, but they are all Fannys Claras and Tillys.

My boss just had a baby and wouldn't name him until he was born.
She said, "I haven't met him yet. How do I know what his name should be?"
Maybe she has a point.


Apr. 29th, 2007 09:05 am
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I am infact only 17, so it's just a bit odd i suppose that i have my kids names all planned out...
only problem is i think of a lot of names...which either means a lot of kids, or an unfortunate child with 5 or so names lol.

I havn't paired these names up to make first + middle name combos, these are just names i like. I prefer simple sort of names, no overbearing spellings.

For boys:
Ashton [please please please not as in the actor lol, i just like the name]
Michael...ive always liked Michael, my current boyfriends name is Michael acutally.
Cameron...my last name is McDonald, hence the Scottishness, Cameron and Ian are family names so i need to bring down at least one, I have 2 brothers, one's name is Cameron, and one's middle name is Cameron, then i have a cousin called Ian and a few cousins whos middle names' are Ian. Confusing. I prefer Cameron to Ian though, i've kind of always liked Cameron as a girls name also. [Here's plus confusing..my boyfriend's mother's family is also Scottish, his brothers name is Cameron too lol.]

For girls:
Annie [those 2 are my favourites]
Holly ... my best friends name
Olivia...i was going to be an Olivia at one point i think. Having a boy Oliver and girl Olivia might be a bit confusing.
I actually really like my own name, Claire. Maybe as a middle name. It's a family name for my mother's side so it would need to be brought down somewhere.


Apr. 29th, 2007 09:24 am
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My reason for adding this community is different from most people. I am a writer and am always looking for names for characters. I love making sure that their names match their personalities or some aspect of their lives.

I am also clothes and jewelry designer - for dolls.

Some of my favorite boys' names are...


Some of my favorite girls' names are...

Tory (Victoria)
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So, I have stated before that I love the name Liana( Lee -on- ah) because it is the name of my hero and voice teacher. I wanted to use the middle name Elise, but now I really want to name another child Elise rather than use it as a middle name.

Any suggestions for middle names for Liana and Elise?
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Hello there. New member here.

Anywho, my name is Tanyia. (pronounced Tonya.) My husband and I are expecting our second child and we're having a little trouble settling on a middle name for the baby. Who's a boy. *winks* As you'll see, we're very decided on the first name. I was just wondering if ya'll would be interested in offering your opinions on what sounded best, to you. And perhaps a short reason why you chose it. *nods* So, here goes.

Tristan Aaron
Tristan Aidan
Tristan David
Tristan Gabriel

Please and thank you!
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Hey all! Joined last night via the homepage featured links. Just a quick note, then I have to finish getting ready 4 church.

I'm almost 30; I have a Dutch last-name, which is unusual enough. So my parents chose semi-common names for us. Myself and my 2 brothers were named after relatives, but my sister was not.

Anyway...when I was engaged, my fiance and I were already discussing names. We settled on Derek Matthew for a boy, and Natalie Keziah for a girl. Natalie is after a Ukranian friend of ours Nataliya (sp?), and Keziah after one of my best American friends I met as an au-pair in Switzerland. I am now divorced with no kids yet, but I still like thinking up baby names.

Both of my brothers are married; one has a daughter and expecting a boy or girl #2 this summer. However, I'm not keen on their naming choices -- simply because our last-name is unique enough...why go with unusual first names too? (Enough said; I won't list them here, in case anyone reading this happens to know them.)

I have tons of extended family on my dad's side, so I want to give my kids first names that haven't been "taken" yet. Somehow I have an easier time thinking of boy names.

Boy = Justin, Joshua, Jeremiah (Miah or Jeremy for short), Micah, Dustin, Bryan, Brett, Tyler, Brendan, Aaron; the "taken" ones I'd consider for middle names are Austin, Andrew, Michael (of course), Brent, Dylan, or Ian.

Girl = Something with Keziah or Lauryn for a middle name...maybe Jessica, but spell it differently.

Ok, gotta go. Have a great week, guys!

Eloise ?

Apr. 29th, 2007 10:00 am
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Can anyone give me some good matches for Eloise? With it either as a middle name or as the first name? I cant think of anything that really GOES with it.
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I joined this community mostly because I'm a writer and I'm always looking for names (like someone else recently posted). My name is Rachelle, and I like it when people pronounce it properly. Rhymes with Michelle, but for some reason, even though people can pronounce Rochelle, I always get called Rachel. Because of that fact, I really dislike not knowing how to pronounce names, or just words in general, which is another reason why I joined this community:

How do you pronounce Siobhan? Like, is it phonetic or is the H silent? I think that's the spelling, and it's a name I've been seeing in books a lot lately.
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So has anybody ever thought about what they would name their children if they were twins? Because if I had twins, the names would likely be be completely different from my favorite's list, just because I like names that sort of have a connection, and after all twins have connections.

Although absolutely CANNOT stand it when people name twins "matchy" names, i.e. Jessica and Jennifer, James and Jamie, John and Joe, not necessarily J names but those are common ones that I can think of. When I say I like connections, they're usually literary.

So for boys, I like Holden Alistair, and Jackson Daniel.
(Allusion: Holden and Allie were brothers in Catcher in the Rye, which was written by JD Salinger. - "J"ackson, "D"aniel.)

The other pick I've thought of is William Rafe and Daniel Walker.
(This has the movie Pearl Harbor written all over it, but actually it was kind of coincidental.)

If I had female twins, they'd be Rosaline Marie and Juliet Grace, after Romeo's two love interests.

If they were boy-girl, they'd likely be Hayden Andrew, after my brother and Ava June because I like that name, because it's hard to find a literary or biblical connection between boys and girls that aren't lovers, and lovers would be wrong.

Also Nolan Lucas and Eisley Carys...again, because I like it.

Anyways, thoughts?
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Hey everyone!

Last week, my family found out that my cousin is expecting her 3rd child! She is due sometime around mid December. I'd like to find some names and suggest them to her. I have a good idea and I'd like to see if anyone can help me.

She has a girl named Maddison. Also, a boy named Mason. Both of their first names start with *m-a* and they end with *n*. I think it would be cute to keep the trend up.

So, my question is: Can anyone suggest boys OR girls names that start and end like her other 2 kids?

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I've always been fascinated with names and these are only a few of the first names that I've been considering for when I finally have chilren. ^_^


Gabriel (God is my strength)
Adelina (Noble)
Amarante (Flower that never fades)
Amelie (Hardworking)
Beatrix (Bringer of joy)


Gabriel (God is my strength)
Atticus (Father-like)
Ashton (Ash tree town)
Brogan (Sturdy and strong)

Gabriel, I feel, is interchangeable and I like it for either or.
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Ok, so I posted before but after reading the comments and other people's posts I've updated my name list. Last name is Ronan. So here's the semi-new list:


Madeline Ayres Ronan (I know Madeline is becoming pretty popular but I think it's a beautiful name and someone suggested the nickname Lina and I really like that)
Jayden Marie Ronan (Same as last time, I still really like this for some reason)
Josephine Adelaide Ronan (Sounds very feminine to me.)
I like Eva and Marilyn but I don't know what middle names would go with those.


Gideon Christopher Ronan (My fiances first name that he doesn't go by as his middle)
Julian Alister Ronan (I think it sounds really artsy)
Halyn Carter Ronan
Willem Ronan (I still can't think of a middle name that goes with this!)
I also like Emerson, Aden, Addison
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What do you think of the name Linus? And how would you pronounce it?
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hi. my name is monica (yes, a name that will now die due to a certain public figure). i'm 25 living in the US. i have no intention of having kids anytime soon, but i still am quite interested in names. my fiance and i talk about what we'd name kids if we ever had them. i haven't found myself interested in any traditional or "new" names. he's russell john the fourth... so if we ever had a boy, we'd be having the fifth (which is kind of cool --i've already nicknamed him "five"). i find myself drawn to names that are in the dictionary --regular words. my last name (which i will not change) is in the dictionary.

he likes funny names like "corn flakes" (for a girl) and "party" (for a boy's middle name "my middle name is party"). i think those are funny ideas, but would never allow either of them to happen.

i'm interested in suggestions for names that are common words --easily spelled. can anyone come up with something good? preferably ones without any religious (grace) or floral (lily) connotations.

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I don't know why, but i LOVE these baby names.
I plan, (yes i know...not gonna happen) to have 3 girls. haha
the names I like are

~Lola Faye
~Penny Lane

they are so old of names that I think they can come back now. But i don't know what goes well with Delilah...(faye = my grandmothers name)

anyway, just thought I'd post...

[EDIT: i'm lame, i know...but i've never actually heard the beatles song, thats not where i got the name Penny Lane. I know a little girl with the name & i fell in love with it!]
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I was so happy when I saw this community on the LJ Homepage today!  One of my favorite past times is coming up with names.  I even keep my name list right next to my desk/bed so whenever I think of one I can just jot it down.  So here are my all-time favorites, let me know what you think!

(I really like double names and unisex names)

Charlotte-Rose (Charlie for short)


Alexander (Sascha)
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So with the influx of many new people I feel like an information & picture post is in order!

5 facts about me:

1)My name is Sophy, I'm at university studying French and English.
2)I love going to gigs & festivals.. my favourite bands are Silverchair, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, All American Rejects, McFly, Placebo, The Fratellis, Incubus, The Killers, The Kooks [eh.. more but that's enough]
3)I'm a very strict vegetarian, i've never eaten maet or fish in my entire nineteen years of being.
4)My favourite TV show is Family Guy.
5)I play the violin.

Picture in the comment, so I don't kill your friends page
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I love names! My name is Elizabeth, which fits me perfectly. Good job, mom and dad. Anyway, I have no intention of having children (long story) but I still love names, just imagining people I might meet with certain names and certain personalities. Is that weird? Anyway, here are some favorites:

Girls: Polly, Lucy, Annie. (wow these sound awfully cutesy when I list them like that.) Also, Eloise, Faye, Rosamund, Emmeline, and Eleanor.
Boys: Peter, Oliver, Patrick, Cole, Max.

I have a hard time with middle names, though. I'm Elizabeth Lee, which I'm not crazy about. I tend to shy away from the 'Girl's Name + Lee or Girl's Name + Lynn' thing because it's done so often. Any ideas?
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I havent been here for a while cause the real world is busy^^  But now i am back^^ Seems to me that this community has exploded so i think it would be good again to introduce ourselves again in this post.
so maybe you could comment on this post answering these * questions*;

any children yet? (if yes, what are their names?)
top girls names:
top boys names:
your taste in names
More info if you want to..
+ add more questions if you want to :)

My name is Jennifer Maria Theresia Anna M.
I am seventeen years old and i live in The Netherlands
my favorite girls names are; Ana├»s, Isabeau, Sienna, Nynke, Giselle & Evi
my favorite boys names are; Nathaniel, Millau, Romain, Ash & Alexei-Rodin
My taste in names is difficult for me to subscribe but i LOVE French pronouncuations.
More info: Well, i always suck at these things but i'll give it a try. Currently i'm having *vacation* and after that i have exams, so i am supposed to study now. But me & my friends are out every night & maths is goddamn stupid so... its going to be hard. me & my friends have wayyyyyy to much fun^^ anyway blablat if you want to know something about me just add my journal.
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Hey there, I'm new.
My first name is Cassandra, which I've learned to accept, and my middle name is Jo. I'm seventeen and determined not to give my children (when I have them a long, long time from now) names they will come to despise as much as I did mine.

For Girls: Rowan Grace, Chase Makenna, Mercedes Analiese. These are the only ones I've managed to pair with middle names so far. I also like the names Lillianna, Kennedy, Dylan, Senna, Reese, Charlotte, Emerson, Eleni and especially Irelyn.

For Boys: I've never been good with boy names. The ones I do like are Parker Michael (Michael after my dad), Milo, Sawyer, Gage, Carter, Micah, Preston and Cole.

I like names that aren't exceptionally common. Hopefully by the time I get around to having kids, they won't have grown too much in popularity. :]



Apr. 29th, 2007 02:42 pm
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I am such a fan of baby names! I love thinking of them and, though there's no possibility of me having children any time soon, I have a few picked out that have stood the test of time - meaning I've liked them for years. I tend to like different names, not necessarily ones that are terribly unusual, just names that aren't common...unique might be a good way to describe them. My name is Hawaiian [Kaila] and though its technically pronounced "Ky-la", I used to correct everyone when I was a wee tot and tell them that it was "Kayla"...so that is what I have always gone by. I kind of regret that now because "Ky-la" sounds so pretty and unique! But oh well, that's where my children's names will come in...I won't let them tell me how they're pronounced, gosh darnit, lol! I guess it's kind of a good thing, though, that I "corrected" it because my brother's name is Kyle and it would just be weird to have "Ky-la" and Kyle, in my opinion :p

Anyway, these are some of my favorite boy/girl names - thoughts?

Meredith Lee [my middle name is Lee & I know Meredith is old fashioned but I just LOVE it]
Mailie/Mailee Annette [said "My-lee", its actually Hawaiian, too, for some kind of flower they use in weddings - & my mom's middle name is Annette, I really like it for a middle name]
Leila Noelle
Evelyn Lee [another old fashioned but I've always loved it, too]

Preston Lee
Brett Addison
Rylan [not sure about a middle name...]
Jayden [^ditto that^]

I'm not too keen on boy names, it's really hard for me to think of/find ones that I like. I just don't dig your "typical" boy names: Joshua, Matthew, Andrew, etc. I'm also really big on using either family members names or middle names AS my children's middle names...so some of these are, of course, subject to change when I eventually get married. I'd like to use to dad's name, Steven, as a middle name for a boy but it sounds funny with Rylan/Jayden, their sounds clash.

Anyway, that's about it for now - thanks for reading! :]
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 hello! my name is Tara Rene'e and i am seven months pregnant with a girl. I have a 3 year old named Julia Inessa. i am having a hard time coming up with a name for the new baby. So far me and my fiance agree to like the name Lily. I really want her midddle name to be rose. But Lily rose plus last name does not apeal to me. i was thinking of Lily-Rose Mina and then her last name...but her last name is long and people tell me it will suck for her later in life when she needs to write and learn her name.  

People also give me crap about giving her a name with two flowers. Lily-Rose....i think its different. i saw some one talk about the name Lillianna..i think that would be pretty too. Lillianna Rose and we could call her lily rose for short =) 
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i'm taylor [taylor lee, i'm a twin.. my mom was on bedrest with us and watched a lot of soaps, i'm named after some doctor lady on one of them.. and my middle name is her name]

i'm 19 and i'm 9 and a half weeks pregnant, due 11/27

now this is probably ridiculous but i feel like it's a girl! i'm breaking out, craving citrus-y foods, and having girl dreams but who knows, all old wives tales

iris madeline [mad-uh-line]
beatrix isabelle
ruby isabelle
violet faye
sadie madeline

logan michael [my dad, boyfriend, brother and boyfriends father are all michaels]
ryder michael
elijah michael

thats about it so far.. my kitten has a cute name... matilda, we call her tilly!

ultrasound! )
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Hi everyone!
I'm Clare Elizabeth, and I think names are pretty hip-hoppin.  Something I'm slightly interested in.  
So, I have a quick question:  can anyone think of any names that would sound nice as a middle name to the name Rose?  I really like that name, but I can't think up a middle name without changing the first name to Roseanne or something similar, which doesn't appeal to me.  Generally Rose sounds better as a middle name, but... I dunno.

(And if you're wondering what my other name ideas are:
Liam Ronald, Caleb Dexter, and Lucy Emma).
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My favorite names for girls (from most to least)

My favorite for boys (from most to least)

I like older, more common names. :-) My boyfriend haaates my taste- we only agree on the boy ones (though Anthony is his first name, so...). I guess after 3 years together we figured out something we completely disagree on- girls names! Ha :-)
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So I just joined this community because of the LJ Spotlight only because I always need names for any fiction I'm working on (not seriously writing but just for my amusement).

Anyway, for males, I always liked:

Michael Scott
Tyler Matthew
Andrew Ryan

Jennefer Michele
Auburn Lynne
Alissa Renee

I had used Tyler Matthews as a name in a story. I think another favorite name I used for a character is Jensen (after Jensen Ackles, my LJ icon). I've used Fulvio (Italian--male) but used "Vio" as a nickname. Akili (African--male) was another good one.
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I'm Cordelia; currently bandying around possible Welsh etymologies for it with a friend. It's not intuitively open to many perversions at the hands of schoolchildren, which saved my butt as a kid. Mock-proof names are good for you; but then again, part of me would like to give my offspring some challenges in this life... 

- after all, what if I don't spawn a regular kid? What if they have a yearning to become artists or supervillains? They're never going to get ahead as John or Susan.

So go on - hit me up! I'm thinking this community needs its share of pretentious names.

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I just joined. I'm not planning on kids anytime soon but I love dreaming over names. So far my b/f and I have come up with a couple names. Although it's generally hard to do especially when we don't agree. And with his last name being french (LaPierre).

I'm also interested in what they mean and where the names are from although it wont affect how I like a name. What do you think of these and what would be good middle names?

Names... )
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I'm bored so I've decided to post the names that my husband and I have discussed for our son and see what you guys think. I'm due in August.

Anyways, here are the names that we have picked out this time.

Gabriel Glenn
Gabriel Drake
Gabriel Joseph
Cody Joseph (Joseph after my father)
Gage Matthew
Gage William (William after my younger brother)
Jason Xavier
Austin Xavier
Cameron Joseph
Jacob Joseph

Suggestions? Thoughts?

x 23wks 4days
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In terms of the name Isabelle, what is your personal opinion on the nicknames Izzie/Izzy or Belle/Bella?

Which do you prefer? Just curious, since this is one of my favorite names.
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I saw this group and thought it was the coolest thing ever... So here's a short list of some of my favourite names.



Jordan for both. But I like it on a girl better.
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I believe Cascio is either French or Italian, but I've never been able to find its derivation or meaning in any name books. Does anyone here have any idea?
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Hi everyone. I'm new here and wanted to post some of my favorite names. I'm not planning to have kids for a few years, but I would love your input.

- Verity Rose
- Mina Patrice
- Cosette Marie
- Viola Elyse
- Andromeda Liberty
- Persephone Nyx

- Bryan Alexander
- Colin Thomas
- Logan Maxwell
- Leander Stuart
- Harry Laurence
- Romy Oliver

I know some of the names are a little out there, but I love Greek Mythology. If you don't like some of my first/middle name pairings, I would really like to hear your suggestions. Thanks!


Apr. 29th, 2007 07:42 pm
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Hi. My parents named their daughters very different names while my brothers got very normal names. so i would like to give my children different names as well. My name is Laurel Rae, my sister is Kaysie Lynn, my brother is Daniel Jackson and other one is Charles Harrison. My partner's name is Nicholas Robert. Our last name is Meiborg so I would like to find names that work well with that.

My girl names at the moment are:
Johanna Amanda (note: amanda will be use for our daughter's middle name because his sister passed away 3 years ago so we would like to keep it in the family)
Gwendolyn Rose

Boys name:
Wesley Christopher (note: we would like to use christopher as a middle name for our son due to the fact my brother passes away as a baby so we would also like to keep that name in the family)

So suggestions with Amanda or Christopher as middle names would be great. thanks for all the future help!
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Of course, LJ spotlight strikes me down again and I add another community to my list.

Although I definitely don't -plan- on adding any babies to the family at the time being, I do have some names sprouting up into my mind. so, here we go with a short-ish list. critque if you feel like it. can't say I've come up with too many combos, though.


Matilda (Tillie)
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I was recently discussing baby names with my childhood friend Nathan, who seems to think that the ones I have picked out will have my child in therapy by the time he/she is ten. I haven't exactly decided on middle names yet, they're mostly theoretical -- what sounds best. But will these names have my children hating me forever?

Boy: Noah Riley, Stephen James, Thomas Francis.

Girl: Evelyn Grace, Lilly Marie, Olivia Rose.

my list

Apr. 29th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Hey new members! I figured I'd repost my fave names (The names I plan to name my 4 children) and a couple others that I plan to use if I end up adopting out of the fost-adopt programme and I get a small child. Feel free to critique, but I warn you, I'm not nice when you attack my names! lol.

Boys (my known children I will adopt from Russia)

Aleksei Zachary (nn:Lexxi)
Aubrey Ezekiel

Kaelin James

Girl (known I willa dopt from Russia)

Elisabeth Katherine (nn: Izzy)

Other names (I am joining the fost-adopt programme hopefully by August, so these names may come into play sooner rather than later):

Joseph Nicholas (named after me and my brother)
Anthony Michael (named for my brother) (nn:Tony)
Edward ______ (named for my father (blah) but I have no middle name for Edward)
Nathaniel Brady (totally stolen from a kid I baby sit for, but that name is so perfect!)

Carol Jean (Named for my aunt and my mother/grandmother/great-grandmother/etc...)
Leila Mildred (Probably won't use, but like a lot)
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I feel like I'm repeating others, but I'm very glad I found this community as well =D I'm not planning on having children any time soon, but I just really love names =).
My fave boy/girl names:
girls: April, Sadie, Maeve, Luz
boys: Otis, Lucas...(It usually takes sometime for me to like a boy's name =P)
Tell me your faves, if you haven't already! Yay for this community =)
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So I think I've always wanted a sort of unique type name for my kids because out of my family mine's...semi unique?
Not really unique or unusual, just not so common.
My names Nakita Danielle.
I've never really dug it, sounds too manly. My sister's names are Katherine Rebecca and Elizabeth Marie, my brother is just Richard.
I really like nicknames, so what names do you think have really great nicknames.
No matter what [boy/girl] my first kid's name is going to Riley.
But I've got a friend (who's Irish by the way) who's always wanted that name too and said it sounds too Irish for anything other than Irish.
I like:
Madison/Madeline = Maddy
Mackenzie = Mac (but has the boy/girl name been played out too much &again Irish)
Noah (but then I think too much about...God? or something ..or the guy from The Notebook)
I like Josie and Tasha, but my those are my best friend's names and it'd be weird since it'd seem I named my kids after them.
And...that's all I can think of right now.
So yeh, sorry about the whole life story and flipfloppy attitude or whatever.
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i feel this profound emotion bubbling inside of me...and i know its a name, but i cant hear it. its being called out to me. i know it is. ive heard it once before, btu now i cannot think of it. but its here, its here inside of me. its screaming, but i cant hear. i cant rememeber. its frustrating, but i know it'll come. i cant hear her name...i want to hear her name again...
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Since we have a few new members, I just wanted to repost my list to get some feedback from you all. ;) I've managed to narrow it down a touch bit, although it's still pretty damn long.

Combinations behind ze cut... )

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I am not trying to slam this community in the slightest. I really do think it's neat.

However I have seen like 8 posts TODAY with the same "unusual" names.

What gives? Are you guys all reading Bram Stoker's Dracula (Mina) or something?
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For a long time, I thought my name was kind of weird...but as I've gotten older, I'm really thankful for the fact that I don't have a generic name.

My name is Ilana Beth, with a nn of Lani...I always get compliments on how 'exotic' or 'pretty' my name sounds...it's of hebrew origin.

I don't even know if this is still a unique name...but I really don't hear it a lot. Feel free to use it, your little girl will thank you one day! :)
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I'm looking for girls and boys names that start with "A" or "S"
perferably a little more unique than Ann or Steven. any suggestions?
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Girl names from most to least:

Xandria Eileen
Izziey Nevenda
Tabitha Lynn
Jakklynn Lee

Boy names from most to least:

Tom Deno
Jack Elliot
Chris Izzy
Sebastion Lenon
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i've just discovered this community.. and i have to say it's cool reading other people's opinions on names they like/dislike...

as for me... not that i'll ever have children but if i do.. i've chosen the following: (first and middle)

girl: Asher Asli
boy: Kieran Selim



Apr. 29th, 2007 10:10 pm
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have just joined after seeing this community in the spotlight, and what good timing! I have just found out about 2 weeks ago that I am expecting baby number 3, so hopefully I will find some good ideas for a name here :)

My name is Joanne Michelle, my partners is Robert James.
My son is William John (Liam for nickname) and My daughter is Reilly Shae.

This baby will have the middle name James for a boy, after my partner, and middle name Lesley for a girl, after my beautiful grandfather.

First names are undecided.., but my partner likes Driden, Cade and Caden for a boy.
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Good Evening!
My name is Shaina (regardless of how every single baby book says it's pronounced SHAY-na, most likely due to my cultural background, my name is pronounced SHY-na. I know, it really messes up people XD)
I am Canadian, though at the moment I am living in Japan
I am 23 and have no children yet, no husband (or prospect husband for that matter...)though I do want a big family in the future (read: six children) and I have had this interest in names ever since I was 13 or so. I think that it's just all fascinating!

top girls names: Remi, Maaya, Elinor, Hikari, Francis
top boys names: Gregori, Kai, Alistair, Cian, Niko/Nikolai

My taste in names at the moment is anything that can pass for both Japanese (as in the Chinese characters exist for the name) and Western and the European versions of common names used in North America, though my taste in names can really change with the moon.
During my last term in University, finishing up my King Arthur legends course, I mentioned that I would fancy naming my son Francis Galahad - half joking of course. All my friends vowed that I would never be allowed to name my child or that they would back him up if he decided to sue me for traumatizing him. LOL, though really, I don't think it's THAT bad. But I gave in and promised not to combine those two names ever again and I decided to give the name "Francis" to my daughter, heh heh.
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New to the comm! I loooove names, even though I'm not thinking about getting pregnant anytime in the very near future :)

I realize some of these are a little wacky... some of them are fairly mainstream too, but they all have connotations I'm very fond of.


Claire/Clare <--which is better?
Leda  (LEE-duh)
Veda  (VAY-duh)
Evanna (eh-VAH-na)


Niall (NYE-al)


ETA: I've added some pronunciations, to clarify :)
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Hello everyone, I am new to the community. My first and middle names are Chloe Alexandra. I personally like my name and have only met one other person named Chloe. Except for the dozen of cats that have been named Chloe... but nevermind that.
To young still to have children, but I have picked names that I love. Love to hear what you think about them! :)

Aurora -Dawn (Latin)
Rain -Rain (English)
Keilani -Sea and Sky (Hawaiian)
Tempest -Storm (english)
Lily -Lily (Enlgish)
Skyler -Guarded; Scholar (Dutch)
Ashlynn -Dream (Gaelic)
Tegan -Beautiful (Welsh)
Evasia -She with a beautiful voice (Italian)
Shandra -The moon; shinning (Sanskirt)

Jason -Healer (Greek)
Joshua -God rescues (Hebrew)
Gabriel -God is my might (Hebrew)
Silas -Of the forest (Latin)
Darius -Maintains well, posses and good (Persian)
Mikhail -Who resembles God (Russian)
Rafael -God has healed (Spanish)
Raiden -Thunder and lighting (Japanesse)
Aubrey -Elfin king (Enlgish)
Gideon -Strong Fighter (Hebrew)

The meanings of names are very important to me, I think it can in a way affect the character of the child. Boy names are so much harder to choose than girls, They have to be just perfect, where as there are many beautiful girl names. I welcome feedback. :)

Ello =]

Apr. 29th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Hey there. my name is Lauren. I'm new. Not conceiving anytime soon, I'm only 16!! I've been obsessed with names for awhile now. I hate kr8atyve/tryndeigh and made up names. My style is mostly lacy.
Here are some of my favorite names. I don't any combos.

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I know I'm only 19, but for years i've been obsessed with coming up with names for my children.

These are what I've come up with, complete with middle names too.

Colin Maverick
Xander Elias

Elliot Alexandra
Addison Nicole

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