Apr. 20th, 2007

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Today at the playground, I sat at a table with 4 other moms while the kids played. Since I'm pregnant, the topic of names came up. They were surprisingly "normal" names with no creative spellings so I thought I'd share the names with you all...

My kids are Tristan Alexander and Skylar "Skye" Nichole.

One sib-set was a girl: Hanna McCall and MatthewThomas (they went by Hanna and Matthew)

Then there was an only child: Sophia Katherine and they actually call her "Sophie-Cat" 

Two brothers: Connor James and Collin Joseph

and my favorite (read: sarcasm) 18 month old twins...one girl/one boy.... MARY KATE AND ASHTON - This mom actually said that she named her twins in honor of MaryKate and Ashley Olsen because she is a HUGE fan. 

and a side note....this playground is also a hangout for teeny-bopper kids ...and I, for some reason, found it highly amusing that there was a shy quiet girl dressed in black goth -complete with the black nail polish and dark eyes and lip liner...and her name was Sunny (or Soni/Sunnie/whatever)

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Good lord. I just finished my first week of subsitute teaching. Aside from the joys of being able to inforce a no bug-squish policy and not allow children to use the word 'gay' in a derogatory manner, I got to see a good slice of what peopel name dthier children 8 years ago. Most of them are very tame. Tell me what you think.

I must say though, almost half the class had 4 or more names and it really turned me off of the whole giving your kid a bunch of names kick some people are on. My daughter had 5 names, but a hyphenated last name and a first name that was two names.. the two name first name thing was decided at the last minute after and emergency birth. Anyway, we'd been pondering whether or not to give all of our kids 3 names, so probably 1 first 2 middle, with a hyphenated last name too, but the against 'vote' just got another tick. Also, the multi-name think confused the children regarding standardized testing forms, which we practiced for this week.




Steve-- he has a long name I can't pronounce, but goes by Steve
Leslie Rose (goes by Leslie in class, but her father called her Leslie Rose)
Tamaya (pron. Tuh-mayh-uh)
Arjo-- also a nicknmae for a really long name I can't remember

Like I said, I think they're mostly tame. I don't like the way Jazmin is spelled, or Myles.. seems falsely pretentious if that makes sense. Kalan is nice, an interesting spelling and I think works nicely for a boy with that spelling. The 'Rose factor' in the class was getting to me. We had Rose, Leslie Rose and then Lillie Rose, whose last name was actually Rose.. Lillie Anne Rose.. ehr. she was an adorable little girl but the whole name rubs me wrong. A big part of it is the butchering of 'Lily'. I called her Leslie once and she corrected me saying, "It's Lillie, like the flower." and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "It's not like the flower unless you spell it right." I was a little surprised to see Cory, it seems so 80s. I also hate the name Krystal, the spelling is even worse, but both'Cory' and 'Krystal' worked on the respective students. Arjo is a little odd, but worked well on the little boy. Nile is interesting and once again worked on the student. It feels weird coming off my tongue to call a person that though, like the only strong sound in the name is the'N'.. rolls off the tongue totaly different than say 'Kyle'. Steve was interesting to see in this age group, but fit the boy.

Teaching a new class next week-- I'll have new names!
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I think my husband and I have settled on a first name for our little girl. Now we need a middle name for her. I have thought of two so far..

Allison Riley Cross
Allison Renee Cross


Yes? No? Suggestions?

some names

Apr. 20th, 2007 11:05 pm
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I work at a daycare center in the room with the "creepy crawlers" as they director calls them. :-) They're the older babies from about 6 months to a year old. I think there's a pretty good mix of traditional and overly popular names in there, so I just thought I'd post them and see what y'all think.

Samuel [Sam]

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