Apr. 15th, 2007

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What do you think of 2 middle names?

What do you think of 0 middle names?

Was anyone here not given a middle name?

My parents didn't give me a middle name so as a child I chose 2 for myself:
Rhiannon because my mum had considered it for my first name, I like the sound of it,
and it has celtic heritage and a good meaning- "great queen".

Marilyn I added later after seeing Some Like It Hot :).

So my name is Sarah Rhiannon Marilyn Lamb, a bit of a mouthful but it flows fine for me.
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My Favorite names are Victoria Jade and Owen Alexander. Just putting them up there for critique because it's fun!

I realize these names are a little traditional, but that's what I like when it comes to names that I would actually use. I like mostly traditional with just a little bit of uniqueness.
I would definately use these names on future children! They sound good with my Fiance's last name, and we came up with them together (I must give this community some of the credit, though. hehe!)

Girl Name

Apr. 15th, 2007 12:18 pm
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My husband and I are still looking for a name for our little girl and last night the name Aleia ( A lee uh )popped into my head. Not sure if that is how we would spell it but I kinda like it. If we were to choose that name it would be Aleia "something" Cross. What do you think?
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So my husband and I are passively ttc. If nothing happens by the end of summer, we'll begin actively ttc (which I'm totally excited for!) I've had names picked out for months now, but recently decided I need to rethink my strategy. Names were going to be:

Owen William Ball (William is my dad's middle name)
Ava Nickason Ball (Nickason is my mom's maiden name)

I think these are beautiful names, flow with our surname quite well, and would make a great sibset. My problem? I think they're too popular. Owen is actually the part of the name of the town where DH's grandpa lives, but, I don't know... I feel it's lost it's uniqueness. And much to my dismay, Ava was the top girl's name of 2006. (I picked Ava after some website said I looked like one - she was an actress in like, the 60s. I had no idea this name was so popular.)

So, I'm starting from scratch. Boo.
New list, girls: (middles name stays)

ETA: Okay, you think they're boyish. How about Ainsley? Any others?


Tell me what you think of these names, please! Are any of them overused? The thing is, I like trendy names, but they inevitably become too widespread. Also, suggest any others you think I might like. Thanks in advance!


Apr. 15th, 2007 02:18 pm
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A few years ago, I had a series of dreams in which I was pregnant with a daughter named Rose. The dreams were very important to me, and I thus fell in love with the name Rose. However, considering it's popularity, I'd never dubb my child with the name, so I hope to someday use it as a middle name.

I'd like some input on which names sound good with Rose.


So, it seems that Rose is in fact a filter middle name, although I never realized it before.
In which case, what names would be good middle names for Rose?


Apr. 15th, 2007 05:29 pm
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What do you think of the name Phoebe? Middle name would be Lilian...

We are 33 weeks along with a girl and thinking about adding it to our list. The final naming decision will not be made until after she is born.

Thanks! :)
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I have always liked the name Mason, never an absolute favorite, but still a like. Anyways would using Mason when my husband is named Jason be considered cheesy/corny/etc?

Also what do you think of the name?
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A friend of mine is pregnant and today we were talking about baby names. She's informed me that her child will be named one of the following:

Harrison Lee
Drake Winchester

Emma Nicole
Natalie Marie

Personally, they aren't my style in names but what do you think?
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Girl: Satine Marianne
Boy: Riley Harold

Don't know why, but I enjoy them. :]
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