Apr. 12th, 2007

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4 of my cousins have recently given birth so I thought I'd share some of their name choice.

My cousin Christopher and his wife Sue recently had a baby boy named William (named after the grandfather). He is called Will. I think it's cute, but a little too traditional for me. His older brother's name is Alexander.

My cousin Kristen and her husband Ray named their daughter Brooklyn Rose. I am in LOVE with this name. Brooklyn is a little trendy, but my dad's side of the family grew up there and my grandma's name was Rose, so I love the combo.

My cousin James and his wife Heather welcomed a daughter, Karris Sophia, we a few months ago. I hated Karris at first but it has now grown on me. Partly because she is beautiful.

And most recently, my cousin Tracy and her husband Peter had another little girl, Zoe Morgan. I like Zoe, not so much Morgan, but it sounds good with their last name.

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I think I've asked something about this before, maybe that was in a different comm, but this is a little different. Anywho.. My partner's name Albert Edward H___ III; he goes by Ted. We had awhile ago decided not to inflict that on one of our sons. We've half-way joked about (as in we're still halfway serious.. lol) about when we get a dog getting a pug and naming it Albert Edward Puggington IV. Lately, especially with his dad being severely, probably terminally, ill we've talked about maybe using the name for a son. I really just don't like the name and he's not super-fond of it either, but the middle name has definately grown on me and we're pretty sure we're going to use it, a possibility is Jonah Edward. The whole name has even grrwn on me a little. Anyway, my point is I have a feeling he might end up wanting to use it and if he realyl wants to, I'll be okay with it. His sister and I were talking the other day and it came up that we both wanted pugs and I told her what we'd thought of naming hypothetical future dog. She was like "Oh, good, I've been meaning to ask you if you were planning on using Albert since I like it".. Oopps. I backtracked and told her we weren't 100% sure we weren't going to use it, that I thought Ted might end up changing his mind and we might just like to keep it open. I asked if she would just use Albert, or the whole name, since we're almost definintely using at least Edward. She said she wasn't sure, btu thought she's want the whole name.

Anyway.. so end of back-story. If she named her son Albert Edward, and I think she's technically naming it after her dad not her brother, would she use III or IV or nothing at all? If we, god forbid, both used the name, would our son till be a IV? For that matter, if I don't take my husband's name (our children are either going to have my  last name as a second middle name or first last name or hyphenated last name does it still count as a IV.. it does since it's the name being taken not the last name, right?

Does anyone think any sibling has more territory over a name? If we don't use it I think it'd be fine if they do, but they're also already planning on naming a son after her fiance. I guess I *kinda* don't want them to since it's still my partner's name. I wouldn't dream of naming my son after my dad, as my brother is also a Jr. We do like my other brother's middle name, Chrisopher, as a middle name for a son-- it would a have been our first child's middle name if she'd been a boy, but if he didn't want me to I don't think I would. Lol, not to mention how odd it would be if we use it for a dog and they use it for thier son. :)

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So, in my opinion, Ms. Austen is the most wonderful classic writer in the world, and I was thinking today that I love her name choices. I think she must have had a LOT of fun choosing names for her books, because while she reuses many of the same name (George, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and Caroline, for example). Below is an exhaustive list of names from all her works. I tried to delete repeats and I tried to delete names I was sure were last names only, but I may have missed some of those, which aren't always obvious. In bold are some of my favorites.

Which names stick out to you?
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I was going through some pictures from glamourshots.com to see if I wanted to get our family portrait there, and I noticed that they had a contest going on. So, what do you think of these names? Do you like them? If not...why?
*Lots of girl names!!* )
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Today I saw a woman named Ellaraine. I've never heard that name before. I don't hate it. I also saw a little boy named Stetan. Odd.
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I know we have these posts here from time to time, but they are so much fun, so here's another one.

If you had a twins, what would you name them? Boys and girls.


Willa Iris & Harper Camilla.


Cyrus Thatcher & Wyatt Holden.


Willa Iris & Cyrus Thatcher.
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After lots and lots of deliberation, we've decided on...

Quentin Daniel and Josephine Rose

I'm positive these are the final names.
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