Mar. 27th, 2007


Mar. 27th, 2007 12:39 am
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At it says Bo is a nickname for William. I, myself, have never met or heard of any William's by this nickname. Has anyone else?
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A poll of names that are feature in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. Check the ones you like, I've put characters' nicknames in parentheses. These aren't all the names in the book, just the ones of characters that appear most frequently.

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hey everyone, I'm new!

any way, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to name my little boy. the name my bf and I really like is Aiden Isaiah. what do you think?
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We have some friends who now have two daughters: Hannah Kathleen and Addison Rebecca.

They kept both names a SECRET until the birth announcements went out. When Hannah's came, I was totally unimpressed and kind of disappointed. I thought it was the most boring name EVER to have been such a big secret. I don't like Hannah OR Kathleen (though the little girl makes up for it she's so durn cute!). I LOVE the name Addison though, and I like Rebecca just fine, but I'm not sure they go together that well...all in all I thought Addison was more worthy of surprising everyone.
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Edit: It's my grandfather's name.
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A bunch of babies have been born on the freeway since January in Washington. Their names are:

Samantha Sophia (girl)
Alexa (girl)
Juliet (girl)
Ian (boy)

(I realize the sex may be obvious, but I have been MIGHTILY surprised in this community so I thought I'd clarify.)

EDIT: Ian is a boy. So sorry. I have no excuse for my dumb mistake... lol. Please forgive. :)


Mar. 27th, 2007 03:07 pm
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This name is very new to me - I heard it for the first time the other day.

Ghislaine : French origin, meaning: sweet pledge, gender: female

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so what were some names that your mother almost named you? if i were a boy, i'd have been called beau david and other girl names that mom wanted were rebecca colleen (becca) and betsy jeanne. she settled on traci jeanne because on the way to the hospital, my dad was singing a song called "traces of love" to calm her down. i think that him not letting her call me betsy is about the best thing he ever did for me!
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Hey guys, I want to know your opinions on five boys' names. Please rate the names in order of preference - #1 being the name on the list you like the most, down to #5, being the name you like the least. I hope this is straight forward. If you hate them all, please start with the name you dislike the least.

They're listed alphabetically for the sake of consistancy, not in the order of my personal preferance. Thank you! =]

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City names

Mar. 27th, 2007 06:47 pm
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What do you think of city names for people?

A few I've heard are:


I don't really like any of those, but I kind of like the idea, especially if there's some sort of meaning attached.
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Hi! My name is Susan Anthony. My husband and I already have one set of twins, Ramona Claire and William Henry. We're expecting our third child. We don't know the gender yet, but we've decided on a boy's name: Jack Maverick. Anyway, my husband and I both love Portia and Layla. Layla Renee is the combination we agreed on. But for Portia, we're totally clueless. What would be a good middle name for Portia? And do you prefer Layla or Portia?

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My name is Heidi. My husband Kyle and I are having our 3rd child. Our last name starts with a C (soft C sound). We have twins, a girl and a boy, Sadie Elizabeth and Ace Benjamin. We are having a hard time with our 3rd child's name. It is going to be a boy. We know for sure that the first name will be Taylor, but we are open for other suggestions. The names we like best for middle names are: James, Felix, Eliot, Anthony, Blake, and Astin. We would like for you to give us your opinion on these names. Thanks so much! Heidi.
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What does everyone think of the name Damien Roxen (Roxen being the middle name)? I thought it was interesting. Opinions?
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How do you feel about the name Alessa.
Sort of like Alessandra Ambrosia & Alessa Gillespie (from Silent Hill).

It means Defender of Men, and it is Italian in orgin. I am italian and this is the ONLY name that I've found that is nice and italian sounding, but not too out there.

I absolutely love it, its definitely taken my top spot and has replaced Emily.

If we happened to have a boy and girl someday they'd be Alessa and Michael Sink.
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