Feb. 28th, 2007


Feb. 28th, 2007 12:10 am
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Antonella (yes, like the girl from American Idol).

I kind of like it, it sounds pretty and girlish. I also like that there are several nickname possibilities (Annie, Toni, Nelly). I'm not sure if I like it enough to use as a name on any future daughters, though.
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What is your guys stance on sibling initial matching?

John Clifton
Julianne Chloe
Jacob Christopher

is that bad? or cute? or what?
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BF and I were talking about names we liked for girls and we chose 3. However, we need a middle name to go with Heidi

Future sibset for:
Olivia Grace
Amelia Isobel 

Boy names:
Hunter Allen
Landon Patrick

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Smile
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My aunt is also pregnant! She id due a whopping 5 days before me, though her original due date was a full week. I'm due september 22, she is due the 17th. We can't wait to do it together this time, yay!

Anyway, its her first baby, and we were going back and forth about names for her baby.

For a boy:

Steven Thomas (Stephen is the father, Thomas was my brother, and the reason my younger so has Thomas as a middle name instead of being a pure junior, as he also has his Father's middle name)

But I have managed to slip in the idea of Sean/Shawn/Shane. :)

For girls, however, so isn't even nearly sure.

Her original choices, before us talking:

Theresa (after my mom. :D)

After we spoke, she added:

Judianna (my moms original choice for ME!)
Louise (my moms middle name)

A few more were there, all ending in either a vowel, or a vowel sound, which I pointed out to her (she honestly didn't notice!).

Well, I said I would come here, ask a few more suggestions, and see if there are any name combo's you gusy could come up with. Some of mine were:

Isabelle Jasmine
Jasmine Theresa
Natalie Isabelle
Melanie Delilah

Help?! :-p

For the record (i've said them here before) my husband and I have our choices, that people keep trying to talk us out of, successfully when it came time to name Topher (christopher, legally).

Khyber Julius (khI-br) (just names we really liked)

Keladry Thayet (kel-ah-dree ty-et) (After two of our favorite Tamora Pierce heroines. :D)
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Queen Victoria's daughters had three and four names:

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise
Alice Maud Mary
Helena Augusta Victoria
Louise Caroline Alberta
Beatrice Mary Victoria

Mind you I wouldn't personally use Victoria as a first name, nor has Adelaide or Alberta ever crossed my lips, but don't they sound so pretty together like that?

I've always wanted to name a girl Eleanor. Beatriz because it's a generations middle name, and Mary is my grandmother's name. (For example: Eleanor Beatriz Mary).

What do you all think?
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Have you met anyone personally who goes by Alexander?
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I realized I hadn't introduced myself!

My first and middle is Erica Beatriz.

I'm 21 and soon-to-be a teacher's aide for students with disabilities and brain injury: my AA and Certification will be as a Special Education Paraprofessional, when I graduate community college 2008.

I have a seven-year-old four-legged-feline little girl named Kizzy-Cat. Kizzy-->Read more... )


Feb. 28th, 2007 11:54 pm
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How does everyone feel about the name Tabitha? I was watching "Bewitched" (I admit it. Best show ever!) and I was reminded how much I like it. There's something so graceful about it, I think, but I suspect it's a kind of "either you love it or you hate it" name. My friend said that she, I'm quoting directly here, hates it with a fiery passion.

I could never, ever in my life use it for a first name, since it's nearly impossible to pronounce in Hebrew and all my relatives would freak out. But I think it sounds nice as a middle name. I tried to match it up with a few of my favourite names and it turned out pretty: Anna Tabitha, Ruby Tabitha, Lillian Tabitha. Can you think of combinations using similar names and Tabitha as a middle name?
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