Feb. 22nd, 2007

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Shelby? I had a best friend named Shelby who was a female. I also went to school with a boy named that as well. And then today at work there was a male dog named that. I always thought more female up intil recently...WDYT
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A girl from school is naming her daughter Kennadie Kay after her grandfather (his last name was Kennedy). Her original name was Kylie Marie. Thoughts?
I don't like the spelling of Kennedy, but its not Nevaeh.

How do you feel about traditionally "old" names like Dorothy, Martha, Bertha, Abigail, etc?
I dislike them. I think names reach a point where they become outdated.

Can you think of any interesting literary names?
Holden, Anabel Lee, what else?

What do you think of the name Hadley as opposed to Hailey? Is it just as bad?
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Ok... our name for a boy is non negotiable. It's going to be Nathan Earl if it's a boy. Nathan... just because we like it, and Earl because it's a family name.

If our baby happens to be a girl, we're going for Julia. We were going to go for Lynn for the middle name, but I don't know... Julia Lynn... there's too many "L" sounds there.

So what do you suggest as a middle name for Julia?:) We don't want to go with either Marie or Rose. They were names we thought of earlier in my pregnancy, but dismissed for personal reasons.
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As if I didn't think the name Cheyenne was bad enough... tonight I came across ChiAnne. WHY?!
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