Jan. 25th, 2007

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Favourite celebrity baby name?

I've just come across Michael J Fox's daughter Esme Annabelle- wdyt?
I love it enough to add to my own potentials :-) I have both names on my list but never had them as a combo before.
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We are having a girl, due in June. We have been keeping a list of favorite names and plan to make our final selection once she has been born. All along, we have been crossing off any name that we don't completely love. However, a few of my flawed favorites keep coming back to mind. I need your help in determining whether they really deserve to be axed off the list.

My son's name is Henry. Is Henry and Greta too reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel? If so, is that a bad thing... lol?

Her middle name is already set, it will be Lilian. Is Azalea Lilian too botanical? Be sure to consider the fact that we are not big fans of gardening.

What do you think?
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just curious...

what's the worst name you've ever come across? or the most unusual?

here are some of mine:

ocean - a kid i taught in swimming lessons (a girl)

willow - some kid who sends her santa claus letter into the paper every year,

b'elana - willow's even-more-badly-named sister. who would even consider apostrophes to be appropriate in names?

tyger - in the unusual, and not worst category. a kid i babysat, and hated his name until i met him and now i like it (but not enough to name my own kid that). and i think it's cuter than the tiger woods version with an "y" instead of an "i."

jago - friend of tyger's, strangely. and now that i think about it, it reminds me of "jaguar."

and some bad spelling ones...

gulia - pronounced "julia," but moronically spelled with a "g." another kid i taught in swimming lessons, who we all called "GOOLIA." like you would.

gared - brother of goolia, almost as bad, pronounced "jared" but spelled with that stupid "g" again. they G kids also had another sister named genevieve or something that actually worked with the "g."

okay, your turn now!

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What do we think about two middle names?

My nephew: Simon Michael Noel

We are thinking John Michael Patrick, to honor both our fathers.

What do we think?
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You know that sleeping pill commercial with the butterflies floating around the blissfully snoozin' people? Everytime I see it, it makes me think of a name some really trashy person would call their kid. I keep thinking that somewhere out there, there's a pregnant woman who's thinking, "Lunesta! That's so PRETTY! And yoonique!" LOL
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My fiance was telling me about a co-worker of his.. her name is llisa.
not pronounced with a long L... but as "la-leesa"

I personally had to stifle my laughter at that.. I don't know what you people think.
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