Jan. 17th, 2007

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less than 9 weeks to go.  I thought we had at least decided on the first name.  but now, I'm not feeling so sure. so here I am.  again.   it's  late, so I'm keeping this simple.

Eleanor? Georgia?  thoughts on either.  ok. go.

boy names

Jan. 17th, 2007 10:03 am
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I can't sleep at night because boy names keep dancing through my head. We made a list of ones we actually *agree* on (granted - we don't know that this baby is a boy and won't know until he/she makes themselves known). So, brutal honesty. That's what I need. Tell me what you think of these boy names, please. Not sure that it matters, but my first born is Simon.

- Samuel
- Otto
- Oliver
- Declan
- Ian
- Milo
- Adrian

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What are your thoughts on the name Mirabel?
It's from Latin and means "wonderful".

Last night my fiance (notoriously picky on girl's names) and I were watching Hell's Kitchen and one of the contestants was named Mirabel.
"I like that name." said fiance "I REALLY like that name"
"Of course you like it," I replied "Your favourite name is Mirah and if we named a daughter Mirabel, you could call her Mira for short!"

I told him I had to mull it over for awhile before I could decide if I liked it or not. I like Mirabel better than Mirah with an H and the nickname Mira without an H is ok.

Several people in this community have pointed out to me in the past that Mira is similar to the Spanish word for "look" but that's not SUCH a big deal to me because we live in Ontario and you don't take Spanish in school here. I don't even know anyone who can speak Spanish.

I looked Mirabel up and it hasn't been in the top 1000 in the last 15 years, so that's a big plus. My, as of yet unconcieved, daughter will not be one of 5 Mirabel's in her class.

So what are your thoughts on Mirabel, and what middle names would go with it (Hebrew names would be a plus).
The only combo I thought of so far is Mirabel Elizabeth.
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Im watching a movie on the Lifetime Network. The main character, a woman in her mid/late-thirties has the name Michael. She also recently lost a daughter named Emma. I think its a bit of an over kill for two really popular and recent naming schemes.

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I love the nickname/name Pru, but I don't like Prudence or it's meaning at all. What do you guys think? I'm pretty sure I won't be able to use the name as the fiance has big opinions, but I can't get over how much I like Pru and wanted other opinions. Thanks!


Jan. 17th, 2007 09:26 pm
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i've posted over & over asking about names. I really like U-NEEK names, or more "modern" names. If I have a girl, the middle name MUST be LYNN & if its a boy the middle name MUST be Joseph or Michael. I have a few names picked out, but would like some suggestions for U-NEEK/"MODERN" names that work with those middle names. So far I like,
(BTW, Last name is MUNIZ)
Kianna Lynn
Mariah Lynn
Ariana Lynn

Nathan Michael
Nathan Joseph
Kadrian Joseph

I would loveeeeeee for more suggestions. Thank you!
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sorry for not posting / commenting
life has been sooooo busy^^ (but thats a good thing!)
but i'm back now :)

I have a little sorta poll-thingy;
which spelling do you prefer;
~ Nicky
~ Nikky
~ Niccy
~ Nikki
~ Nicki
~ Nicci
or maybe even something else?
& how much Nikky/Nicky's do you know?
I know 2 Nikky's, 2 Nicky's, one Nikkie and a Nicci (all pronounced the same way).
One Nicky is a boy, the rest are all girls
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