Jan. 16th, 2007

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My heart is set on Michael Scott for a boy. Common, I know. But my step-dad's name is Michael and he had such an impact on my life that I think it would be fantastic to use his name. Scott comes from my fiance's family--he had an uncle that died in his teens who's name was Scott.

As for a girl, I love the names Emily & Nicole. However, neither have any meaning, which sort of irks me. At any rate, my fiance's mother is Carla, maybe Carla Nicole and she could go by Nicole?

I still feel like if I have two kids and one has such a meaningful name to me, the other should as well. WDYT?
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Hi, I love the names Olivia and Amelia, despite their evergrowing popularity. However, I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me come up with good middle names. I liked Olivia Grace and Amelia Isobel, but I know you guys are good at coming up with these sorts of things and I wanted to get some other ideas. Thank-you. 

Also, I like the names Landon or Hunter for boys, as does my bf, and have no idea what to use for middle names. Suggestions?

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She is (now 20 probably) and her name is...


Prn; Tul-EE
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What is your least favorite name? And why?

Please give an answer for a male and a female. :)

I'm bored at work, can you tell!
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Long time no post... As I was having my yearly ramble around the ONS (Office of National Statistics) I saw the latest news on the hottest names of 2006 in the UK - http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=184

I like the name Olivia...but Ruby a fast climber? Yuck. Also quite disappointed with the number of parents who have jumped on the reality TV bandwaggon: Shayne and Preston are both horrid names, to my mind.
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I was friends with a girl when I was younger named Rhea (pron. Ray-uh), and I've loved the name ever since. I always assumed this was the common pronunciation, until I heard it pronounced Ree-uh... which I do not like. And I guess this is the more common pronunciation of the name.

What do you think of Raya... or possibly Rhaya. I hate "creative" names and I think that these look a little too made-up, but I love the way it sounds! What do you think?
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Could Sadie be a nn for anything? I'm starting to really like the name, but would prefer it as a nn.

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Ok, so my gf and I are about to start trying for a baby. I have had a list of names I've liked for years..But only girl names. No boys. I could use some boy names..and here are my girl names. You can help with middle names as most of them are just first names. The last name will be Conger.  Feel free to change up the ones I have as to what you think will sound better.

Aislyn  I pronounce it  (AS LYNN) like it or not..thats how I want it to be

And I remembered a boy name i liked...Gideon.

I was thinking...
October Quinn
Lyric Harper
Willow Quinn
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What are some one sylable names for girls?
I keep drawing a blank..all I can think of is grace and jane. Thanks!
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