Jan. 10th, 2007

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What middle names go well with Kate?
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I really like this name for a girl, but I'm not sure if I'd ever be brave enough to use it. I seem to have this habit of loving names that tend to be a little too 'out there'. I don't want my child to be stuck with a name everyone else has like I did when I was younger. I HATED being Jennifer T., along with Jennifer B., Jennifer C., and Jennifer W., etc. My husband, Jason, feels the same way. We want our kids to have good names, not super common names, but most definitely not weird names. Anyway, we both like it, but I'm worried it might be a 'weird-one'., Opinions?
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Brooke Burke and fiance David Charvet welcomed their first child together on Monday, daughter Heaven Rain Charvet
That's quite a name to have to live up to.

 - US Weekly

umm, i no likey. it's too much.
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When I got into school late today there were two other girls who were also late one of there names caught my eye, and I immidiatly thought "OMG I have to post to the baby names group!" This girl's name is...



I hate the boys-names-used-as-girls-names trend, with the exception of Adrienne. But this one is the latest I 've heard and I hate it.
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What do you guys think of naming kids after characters, middle names included?

Ex. Say Mr and Mrs Johnson are having a baby boy, named Harry Potter Johnson (but obviously something less mainstream), or if they're having a girl, Rory Gilmore Johnson.

Because I've recently begin to obsess over the Kill Bill movies, and I think it would be really nice if I were to have a kid named Beatrix Kiddo DiCaprio (because, you know, me and Leonardo are meant to be). Anyway, what do you guys think of it?

Tacky, cute, or meh?

PS- The character, Beatrix Kiddo is strong and isn't wimpy and delicate, so I figure it could have positive associations. And in twenty years or so, kids her age (and people my age) won't immediately think 'AHA!' if it were Harry Potter or something.


Jan. 10th, 2007 05:24 pm
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Caeleigh (UGH)
Kailee Rae
Desir'e (weird?)

These are the boys && girls in my preschool class.

WDYT of the name Kianna Lynn?
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I found these names on a hospital website, some of them are ick. WDTY?

Austin Tate - Boy
Macy Elizabeth - Girl
Bryandrekius Jimdarius DeWayne - Boy (WTF?!)
Landen Rice - Boy
Emma Josephine - Girl
Lily Boyd - Girl
Kentrell Deshun - Boy
Stacey Andre - BOY!!
Addison Brooke - Girl
Princess Faith Sha'Naee - Girl (ouch)
Nya Alysse - Girl
Bentley Claire - Girl
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Wow. Just wow.

Ke'yana La'Vaya A'Star
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One of my good friends had her baby boy yesterday

The name: Javon Maurice

I hate it


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