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Marahiia Xenileef (Shayra and Felix)
Lauren Anne (Amanda and Jason)
Rocky Michael (Alyzandria and Ryan)
Zoey Almeda (Sherri-Ann and Edward)
Hazel Marie (Courtney and Matthew)
Lillian Emily (Michele and Joseph)
Amaury Darell (Loraine)
Bryce Edward (Crystal and Randy)
Ryan Ronald (Jennifer and Thomas)
Addison Ann (Brynn and Paul)
Layla Renee (Randi and Taheim)
Giulianna Inez (Courtney and Alex)
Noah Francis (Fausta and Timothy)
Náomi Renee (Jessica and Kiowa)
Zane Lee (Danielle)
Jayvian Alexander (Chelysmaly and Alexander)
Kensley Rae (Lindsay and Joshua)
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Buzzfeed recently posted an article about an American family who named their daughter Ottilie because they knew an English woman with the name, but upon realizing that Americans weren't going to pronounce it the same way, they changed her name to Margot. Their older daughter's name is Hadley, which I don't think goes with either name.

Of course, in the comments the discussion turned to people's own names and names that aren't easily pronounced, and one girl said her name is Jeccika, the "uncommon" spelling of Jessica. But she says she's thankful her parents gave her something so unique.

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Holly Madison (model/author/reality star) and her husband Pasquale Rotella have welcomed their second child, a son named Forest Leonardo Antonio. I kind of love the name Forest, and overall, think it's quite a nice name. This is especially surprising, considering their first child, a daughter, is named Rainbow Aurora.

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have welcomed their third son together, reported to be named Journey River. Their other children are named Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom.

WDYT? I personally think the names are getting worse as they progress.
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So far in 2016 I have met 3 new babies and ironically they all have pretty similar names!

My cousin had her second child, a boy:
Talin James joins big sister Brandy Louise!

My CoWorker's wife had another girl:
Taylin Mae joins big sisters Logan and Reagan (not sure on their middle names)

My mother's cousin had a fourth child, a boy:
Peter** Callen joins big sisters Paige Annette and Morgan Jayde and Angel big brother Blake Henry

**(Peter is a generation name so they will just call him Callen)

So it won't be too hard to remember the names of these 3 little ones (:


New baby

Aug. 1st, 2016 06:38 pm
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Graeme Edwin

Pronounced Graham
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A co-worker has a new grandson... Zepler Soren Leandro. I'm not too fond of anything except the Leandro part. His brother's name? Calvin.
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Need some suggestions for a girl name. Middle name will most likely be Alison, and big sister is Annabelle Elizabeth.

Thank you! :)

Need Help!

Jul. 24th, 2016 12:12 pm
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I've always had fun picking out names in the past, but now that I'm naming my daughter I am overwhelmed. I know that I want to use Kay as her middle name in tribute to my mother who passed away when I was very young. Our last name is Bachert, which is pronounced back- urt. I've found a few combos that I kind of like, but my husband isn't in agreement yet.

Ruby Kay Bachert
Hannah Kay Bachert
Avery Kay Bachert
Eva Kay Bachert

Any other ideas?
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Wich girl names do you think go well with sibset names Amalia and Sabina? I would love to hear suggestions!

Name dump

Jul. 22nd, 2016 10:17 am
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Jaxon Alexander (Joseph Michael, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, Kylie Nicole)
Ariana Christina (Marie Shereen)
Zoe Faith
Story Faye
Owen Connor Rhys
Kameron Anthony (Kittric)
Soidelese Isabelle
Racine Paulette
Adeline Grace (Aubrey Noella)
Kashonda Aliyah
Mariella Grace (my niece)
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I'll also include her pronunciation because why not? LOL All 2-3 year olds

Isabelle (Ebobo)
Leah (eeah) (proper pronunciation LEE-AH)
Olivia (ivia)
Beau (my kid)
Brantley (bantee)
Fatimah (eemah)
Blake (ake)

And there are a few others I'm forgetting. Pretty normal imo, nothing crazy...cept Brantley. O.o

Name Dump

Jul. 20th, 2016 01:16 pm
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Sib set: Tristan, Ezekiel, Remington, Liam

Birth Announcements:
Uriel Joel
Fendi Nora
Twins: Scarlett and Savannah
Jelena Elise
Brantley Cole
Willow Jean
Cyrus Perry
Victoria Bella
Laura Agatha
Reagan Rose
Germany Denise-Lee
Emberly Anne-Rene
Cristal ZoƩ
Nathaniel Augustus
Kai James
Gulnaz Dru-Kyzy
Keshnyel Kanxiel
Rosa Helen
Minnie Jolene
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A girl I went to HS with had a baby a few months ago and named her Esmay.

She is a super big Twihard.
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Recent babies born at my local hospital. I think they're getting more and more awful as time goes by.

Jay Alvin
Shawn Ryan
Aleeah Jade
Kamden Michael
Hazel Kate
Braylynn LeAnn
Hunter Rose
Raylon Cohen-James
Haidyn Lee (she's a girl)
Macie Amaya Marie
Kayden Lee
Winifred Ruth
Oliver Wesley
Lyndyn Faith
DeShawn Braxen-Zayne
Timber Nichole
Makenzie Kimber
Daxton Wright
Annabeth Marie
Bentley William
Elijah Miguel
Kinsley Ann
Zayden Cash
Ryker Coal
Brayden Joseph
Remingtyn Clay
Alivia Grace
Lillian Jewel
Lucia Shantae
Keatyn Samuel
Beau Duke
Brynlee Renee
Ace Prezley
Noah Pierce
Elijah James
Ryker William
Lyla Alainne
Bentley James
Eliam Morgan
Harlow Breeze
Karma Anne
Teagan Lynn
Wilder James
Santino Paul
Urban King
La'Raiyah Kenzie Rose
Clinton Elliot
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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have welcomed their second daughter, named Violet. Their first daughter, Hazel, is two years old.

WDYT? I love them both, and think they go really well together.
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Pregnant with a little boy and dying over the name decision. So far, I have Ian Conrad and Archer Keith. Middle names are both after my father and one or the other must be used. I have a toddler and an angel baby, Audrie Jeannette and Lily Kate. Suggestions?
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Three sisters on an ep of Dead Files: Laurel, Aspen and Cedar. I like Laurel. Cedar and Aspen, no.
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I went through my cousin's yearbooks...

Middle School -
Read more... )

High School -
Read more... )
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I'm trying to come up with girl names that are strong and beautiful, but not too frou-frou/cutesy, and also not too trendy. What names can you guys think of?
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