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Nov. 14th, 2016 10:19 am
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These are all birth announcements from various newspapers that I read...

Joshua Elias-Norman
Phoenix Lincoln
Aria Lillian
Eli Scout
Nella Kay Grace
Damian Roderick (brother: Simon)
Jonah Fitzgerald
Lincoln Tyler (sisters: Lilly and Elly)
Hailey Lena-Louise (brother: Hunter Anthony)
Malia Adrienne
Maliya Marie
Adeline Isobel Rose
Ronald Michael (sisters: Brentyn, Briana, Quinn)
Cole Francis (brothers: Rex, Owen, sister: Kiyah)
Kiara CambrieLynn
Nash William (sisters: Delaney and Lyla)
Sadie Emilee
Cash Bradley
Kinsley Jean
Tessla Rose
Nora Rita (sister: Gabriella)
Lauraelai Ariel
Soleil Lorelei
Teegan Jared (brother: Rydder Allen)
Brooks Dean (sister: Isabel)
Owen Matticks
Ryland Preston
Ryder Wynn
Hosanna Joy
Cael Jeremy
Grady Lawrence (sistesr: Delanie, Claire)
Iliana Mae
Axel Alan (brother: Memphis, sister: Vivienne)
Lennon John
Aubrey Grace (brother: Jacob, Bailey, sister: Bethany)
Paige Frances (brothers: Dylan, Jack)
Lennon Michelle
Stiles Thomas
Knox Allen
Keira Rhiann
Carsen Clyde
Reese Ryan (brother: Gabriel)
Hudson Graham (sister: Lea)
Eisley Hannah
Tori Aspen
Easton Warren (brothers: Braeden, Owen)
Miller Christine
Piper Cassandra (sister: Regan)
Roary Alex
Nathan Mythais
Madelyn Steele
Saharah Andrea
Scarlette Kim
Madalin Sue
Twins: Tyler Ray and Tessa Renae (brothers: Riley, Ethan)
Orrin Bradley
Olive Mary
Hudson Bryan
Camden Jace (brothers: Logan, Kaden)
Vivienne Hazel (sisters: Violet, Victoria)
Ellie Noelle (sister: Eden)
Triplets: Sophia Marie, Aubrey Lynn, Logan Verne
Brecken Michael
Sena Jane
Gabrien Andrew
Macey Jaine (sisters: Zayda, Liviya)
Emmett Adam (sister: Virginia)
Tenlee Starr (brother: Kyler)
Maci Mae (brothers: Kevin, Christian, sister: Makayla)
Sage Elisabeth
Emelyn Renae
Penny Jean
Rowan Dean
Twins: Emerson and Declan (boys)
Samson Tanner (brothers: Jack, Austin)
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